A Marketing Audit

A Marketing Audit






A Marketing Audit


A marketing environmental analysis is a process aimed at enabling an organization to understand the forces that can affect its operations, be they external or internal. In an organization’s environment, more often in its external forces, are often factors that it cannot willingly control. For any organization, it proves fundamental to be dully aware of the environmental factors that concern it in the process of a formulating marketing plan, or in the introduction of a new product in their respective market (ALDES, 2003, p.5). A marketing environment will influence and affect organizations operations. In analyzing an organizations market environment, three key perspectives are considered. These are internal and external environment, macro and microenvironment. The microenvironment involves all factors that will influence an organization directly. It includes suppliers that are indirect or direct, consumers as well as stakeholders. Microenvironment also describes the relationship between two separate firms.

Macro environment will usually include all the factors that influence an organization, but are out of the organization’s control. An organization is not in a position to bend or influence any of the set laws that govern it. This environment is always under constant change, calling for any organization to compensate in terms of flexibility and adaptations. This includes factors such as culture, politics, and economics. Factors in an organization’s internal environment are usually audited in terms of market, human resource, machinery, materials and finances. The internal environment is fundamental in adapting to changes in the macro environment. In analyzing the external environment, necessary approaches are utilized. These include the five-force analysis as well as the PEST analysis (ALDES, 2003, p.11).

Executive Summary

Initially, Starbucks Company started with a humble beginning with three common friends with a common interest. Globally, Starbucks is the leading dealer in the coffee industry, introducing and innovating new products in the coffee market in locations with easy access. The success of the company can be greatly attributed to Howard Schultz with his brilliant leadership skills and vision. Tea and coffee are arguably consumed by everyone globally. This culture is coupled with driving forces that facilitate changes in the industry exerting forces that make the industry attractive for business ventures. Starbucks enjoys the benefits of its position producing high priced quality products in a wide range of varieties. This essay will provide an extensive analysis of Starbucks coffee industry and the internal and external environment of the same.

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