For this research analysis, some individuals including females and males of different racial groups were surveyed through the use of the open-ended questionnaire method. Each individual provided their experience of alcoholism. The aim was to investigate the reasons that make individuals drink too much alcohol thus contributing to alcoholism. Subsets of consecutively participants were chosen and open ended questionnaire methods were employed in providing qualitative data analysis. The report was analyzed using data analysis, and the table was used in presenting data information. The findings were encoded and the results recorded down by using a systematic method. The discussion part briefly summarized the findings. The researcher provided data analysis through employing numerous factors that were interpreted by following the field report analysis of the stories of the participants. Lastly, the conclusion summarized the results, findings, discussions and reflections as well as ensured that the research question has been achieved.













Alcoholism is a chronic or a long-term disease that affects alcoholic individuals. It is a disease which is caused by uncontrolled consumption of alcohol. Alcoholism is an intriguing topic because many people suffering from alcoholism drink too much alcohol and they are unable to control themselves. This is because they are possessed with alcohol. Therefore, alcoholism is medically a neurological disorder that results due to alcohol abuse. It takes a gradual process for alcohol to become a problem. This is whereby the vulnerable individuals addicted encounters some problems especially risk factors, which may be linked with excessive alcohol consumption. Factors such as genetic, gender, society or culture, psychiatric and psychological factors are linked with reasons that contribute to alcohol consumption hence leading to alcoholism. The research report addresses the reasons that make individuals drink too much alcohol thus contributing to alcoholism.

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