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American Literature

Olaudah Equiano was one of the few people who lived to tell the harrowing and cruel experiences of slavery. He originated from Nigeria in Africa and he was abducted with his sister. They were sold off to slavery to the British colonies. He worked hard and pleased his master who decided to send him to school. Equiano learnt how to read and write and this is how he managed to do business with his master and buy his freedom. After redeeming his freedom, he found it insecure to live in British colonies. Therefore, he went to settle in South America and that is where he wrote his life story. He married and got two daughters.

When Equiano got his freedom, he traveled to London and became an abolitionist. His autobiography made people to become abolitionist because they were touched by the hardships he experienced. Many religious people and philanthropists supported him financially. Equiano’s teachings and his book influenced the Britons to stop slavery and slave trade. His work shows that his voyage was from innocence to experience. He was abducted and taken away when he was a small boy who was naïve. In slavery, he was able to learn a lot and travel to many places. Even after his freedom, he toured so many places across the world and learnt a lot. For example, his first master sent him to school to learn how to read and write.

Through out his life as a slave he learnt many skills form his masters and went through hardships. After his freedom, he became a merchant, lectured people to become abolitionists and got into family life. All these are experiences he got since he was a young boy. By learning how to read and write, Equiano became enlightened and educated. This way, he could express himself to the people. He became a merchant too because he could use his knowledge to do business. It is through his education that enabled him to influence people to be abolitionists. His work has been appreciated by the American audience. They are amazed by how a slave would be so passionate and determine despite the odd circumstance. He initiated a project of resettling slaves in Sierra Leone. Olaudah Equiano is one of the few African slaves who have gone through torture and harassment in slavery and successfully evaded it. Equiano is among the few people who utilized every opportunity available, to get the very best. Many people would love to read this book it is interesting.




















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