An Environmental Ethic

An Environmental Ethic







An Environmental Ethic

Environmental ethics is the part of ethics that deals within the moral relationship or interaction between human beings and other living and non-living things in the environment or ecosystem. This part of ethics, or right or wrong, deals with making decisions concerning the whole environment ranging from other animals, plants, and resources (Zsolnai, 2010). This part drives us to ask ourselves questions such as whether we should continue with clearing more forest areas for agriculture, whether we should continue with the production of fossil fuel powered vehicles, or whether we should continue with open mining. All these questions revolve around issues that pose a threat to the environment, and it is up to us to determine which side has more weight. An environmental ethic guides our decisions in such questions since it not only considers the benefits to the human beings, but the whole ecosystem and continuity of sustainable life. (News-society, 2011)

Currently, the world has grown increasingly aware of environmental issues that have posed a threat to the sustainability of life, for not only human beings, but also other animal species. This has led to many people being concerned with what businesses are doing in their corporate social responsibility, considering they have been among the leaders in pollution of the environment through their continued exploitation of resources for profit maximization. Hence, having an environmental ethic means strong leadership in corporate social responsibilities, where we as leaders are not only concerned in making a profit, but ensuring quality of life through preserving of the scarce resources, and meeting the interests of the community in which our business exists, and whom it exists for. Establishing environmental ethics illustrates the commitment of our company in socially responsible leadership (The Townie, 2007).

Concrete examples of how environmental ethics are applied to business are quite diversified depending on the business. For our manufacturing business, it is most affected by this issue considering the amount of emissions we emit into the environment. Businesses can no longer do business without caring for what is of interest to the society. The fact that the society is concerned with the environment, we are forced to deploy measures that ensure minimal environment degradation. One of the examples here is the use of green packaging, which has been of considerable importance to the community since plastic bags are pollutants. Another example has been the continued pressure from people and activist groups for businesses to apply other means of energy in their activities to reduce air pollution and avoid degradation of environment through mining of crude oil. An environmental ethic will be applied in the business activities to make decisions concerning such environmental issues, and best ways of tackling them.

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