The Soloist is a novel that was written by an American writer known as Mark Joseph Salzman in 1994. He was born in 1959 in Greenwich and he is an author respected because of his highly praised work of Iron and Silk. The setting of the novel took place in a Welsh area of Nebraska located in England. The author relates the story of a child genius called Renne Sundheimer who gave up being a concert cellist before attaining twenty years old. Rennie’s life changed drastically when he was charged of murdering a nine-year-old boy. He appeared before the juries for a murder trial of Buddhist monk. The two events marked Rennie’s journey from out of suffering situation to find a way of continuing with his career. Therefore, I recommend this book to be read in schools because it is fictional, motivates and is a rare novel that reveals a true talent in the classical music world.

I accept the dominant reading in relation to this novel because it is a rare novel talking about classical music. One may actually come up with an essential message to give people when reading this simple novel. The Soloist is one of the novels that enable the reader to understand the classical music. Reading this book is not difficult because of the style that the author used. He used a simple language and the plot makes the reader to understand what the author is trying to put across. It is organized neatly and does not have technical words thus suitable to be read in schools. Most novels have a complicated language but Salzman’s novel has almost a language of teenagers writing in an English class (Salzman, 1994).

In addition, the book has a complicated plot, which is has Rennie as the narrator being revealed as a genius child in the world of classic music. Even his teacher was not worried about his performance in class because he used to perform well. His class teacher could not wait him to step onto the stage to perform because he could not make any mistake. At the age of eighteen, he got a problem with his ears. Due to much playing of music, his ears became too sensitive because of the musical noise. Rennie lost his gift when he could not achieve his goals and the noise from the piano became unbearable thus, most of his fans escaped away from him.

I admit that the most significant thing about this novel is the way it reveals out the message to the reader. Therefore, it should be recommended for reading in schools because it will enable students to interpret ideas easily and they will understand every bit of the information in it. The whole book outlines down the common point that made Rennie to encounter the harsh conditions and dangerous situation in his life. He was determined to replace the position of his deceased teacher. He could not engage in wrong things when he was young and this made everybody to love him. This portrays a good picture of what students are supposed to do incase they want to become geniuses in studies through incorporating the ideas of Rennie into practice.

The Soloist is a wonderful novel thus should be recommended in schools because it is well written of a true talent. This talent will not be buried underneath the demoralizing effects of mental illness. The author writes in the kind of appealing language with sensitivity and humility that makes a reader not to get bored. Rennie is portrayed in this novel as a boy with a true talent in music. In his entire life, he spent most of his time committed and performing the cello. The cello was one of the classical music that used a solo instrument and it is classified under the string musical instruments of an orchestra. He showed his musical talent while he was three years old hence the book has a motivation message to the reader.

The book has a frictional merit thus will be easy for students to understand it when reading. Many educators say that fiction books are not difficult unlike non-fiction ones hence justifies it as the best book to be read in schools. This novel requires factual knowledge, which is beyond the simple fiction about truths of love, hate, passion and remorsefulness. Therefore, there it is a wretched sequence because many students do not know about things happening in the real world since they do not read about fiction or non-fiction books. Thus, recommending this book in schools will greatly sharpen students’ knowledge about the real facts happening around the world. In addition, not only will students develop knowledge about the real world but also compete in creative writing about their life experiences.

It should be read in schools because it will enable students to develop the motive of becoming creative in the part of classical music. The author relates his experiences teaching a creative writing class and this makes the book so interesting. It should be recommended especially to a group of classical musicians and those who love classical music in schools. The Soloist is a novel that will motivate students if it will be recommended in schools for reading. It is a heart-warming narrative that in spite of it simplicity, tells how life can sometimes be difficult not only in the art of music but also in other areas. Therefore, it motivates people not to give up in life but allow things to take their course.

Rennie lets the reader to understand what the true prodigy is about. When being a true prodigy, it means that someone is a genius in something specifically when music passion is expressed in one life while young. The author brings out Rennie as a prodigy of classical music while he was young. Therefore, the book is like an inspiration to those students who want to prosper in classical music hence it will be suitable for them when they read it. From my personal experience, emotions in music are created through studying musical books thus making the reader to love music. When students will be allowed to read this novel, they will develop better ideas and become lovers of classical music (Salzman, 1994).

Consequently, the book provides minimal reflections on the theme of love in a way that when one reads it, he or she develop musical emotions. Just like the way one develops chemistry of love, he or she will develop love for music because the book enables the students to develop musical emotion through reading this novel. It takes students to another world of love for music and the way music is carefully planned. This will encourage student to be hard working just like the way Rennie was especially the way he used to practice hard in his classical music. This will act as an example that students will emulate through reading this novel hence it should be recommended in schools.

There are other intersecting trends used in this novel that make the novel more interesting to the reader. This will remind people that they need time to recover from disappointments but human interaction is needed to help others to meet their objectives. For instance, Rennie made an affair with one of the female judges when he was accused of the murder of a Buddhist monk. The female judge helped him and at the same time, Rennie agreed to help a young Korean boy who appeared to be a child prodigy. This brings out the values that are worthwhile and morally appropriate in the society. For instance, the help that Rennie offered to the Korean boy in order to become a child prodigy like him is one of the moral values required in the society. This is essential thus, students should read this book because they will develop moral values that are crucial in learning institutions.

The themes in this novel are somewhat predictable but the common theme is about the famous child prodigy. This reveals the life of Rennie as a genius boy who developed a talent of classical music while he was three years old. This brings out determination as an essential theme in this novel. Consequently, the discourse is mentioned between the author and the boys in the writing class. His novel weaves all different plots and twists them together making it an exciting novel. The novel raises many issues that are self-satisfactory thus enlightening the reading experience.


Salzman, M. (1994). The Soloist. New York, NY: Random House publishers.

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