Apocalypto is an epic movie written by Mel Gibson and Farhad Safinia and also directed by Mel Gibson. The story begins in the primeval, lavish green wilderness with an exciting hunt sequence. The introduction is quiet and peaceful until the pursuit begins. The preceding quote introduces the audience into a sense of ominous terror, and thanks to Gibson’s as a filmmaker that the audience is able to know that this peace will definitely not last. “Apocalypto,” is a Greek word that means an inauguration and a new beginning. This gives an explanation of the movie that the viewers must understand about the film. The location of the film is Catemaco which is one of the last remaining strips of rainforests that still exists in Mexico and Veracruz. The cast constitutes entirely local peoples from the Americas.

Gibson script is written in a typical three-act structure. The start introduces us to the main character, Jaguar Paw who plays his role with quiet intensity. The first act is amazingly humorous as the villagers can be seen living in their serene and beautiful world. The above-mentioned pursuit, drinking and eating and efforts at procreation are all narrated with a candid, comprehensive method in telling the story. The second and third scenes entail the predicament of Jaguar Paw as he fleas to escape his sacrificial doom and rescue his expectant wife and only son. The village is attacked and shattered as Mayan soldiers take many villagers into captivity for sacrifice to their gods. Jaguar Paw is able to hide his family in a cave just as the enemies are able to capture him. In a dull sequence Jaguar Paw is compelled to witness the assassination of his father through throat-slitting. At this point Jaguar Paw is changed forever and no doubt becomes a resentful, killing machine.

The finest scenes in “Apocalypto” come from the particulars that Gibson accurately weaves into the movie. It is amazing to see Jaguar’s wife attending to her son’s wound by stitching it up with biting ants. The architectural designs and the astounding scale of the Mayan temples take the audience back in time. The sacrifice sections are very real and dreadful as Gibson shows the cruelty of the sacrificial deeds. The ruthless visuals are neatly contrasted by the elegant scenes. As Jaguar Paw runs for freedom, the camera pulls back to disclose a sea of dead bodies and subsequently he returns to the lovely greens jungle. The finest shots are those that display the massiveness of the wilderness and the great image of a solar eclipse. The major flaw of this movie is the use of Panavision Genesis High Definition camera. In order to capture all the necessary color of the jungle and the violence, a still camera would serve the purpose better. The historical aspect of this movie is taken away since this camera is unable to capture movements on close up.

The fascinating action sequence of this movie is majorly concentrated on the last half. It keeps one engrossed to watch Jaguar Paw utilize the features around him in battle against his enemies. The action is thrilling, and the leading character is completely considerate to the viewers because his success is more important. Gibson is a very determined filmmaker, and this movie can be used to affirm his talent. His affection for onscreen violence is clear, but he also offers bits of humanity that elevates the movie above a simple storytelling. Just like any decent ancient film, he is able to create a symbol to the current civilization era. The moral of the story is everyone should take heed at his advices on what could occur to a society that is hungry for power. In the dreadful ten minutes towards the end of the movie, the Mayan destiny is suggested when the Spanish conquistadors appear. At this point it is up to the viewer to decide whether or not Paw’s journey was worthless.




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