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Application Essay/Scholarship Questions

Application Essay/Scholarship Questions

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Application Essay/Scholarship Questions

Part I – Application for the Program

I recently graduated after completing a Human Services Child and I am now applying for a Master’s degree in applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy that will allow me to get my Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) license.I have served as a Special Education Para Educator for at least six years because of the passion I have for special education. As a special education paraeducator, I assist teachers in their general daily classroom operations, and assist special needs learners while caring for their emotional and physical well-being as well as ensuring their safety, affirming their capabilities, and working hard to encourage and foster dignity in all forms of relationships (Ithriyah, 2018). I hope to become more competent in my profession by pursuing an MA in ABA therapy that will facilitate my achievement of the BCBA license.

I choose the program (MA in ABA therapy) because it fits with my career and educational aspirations. Gaining more skills and information on ABA therapy makes it possible for me to gain information that would improve my social interaction and communication with instructors and learners. Moreover, gaining more information in this area presents me with a suitable chance to learn how to deploy reinforcement techniques, especially when relating with learners with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other similar developmental problems (Fernandes & Amato, 2013). Moreover, gaining adequate information in this area presents a better chance to gain skills on how to reinforce targeted behaviors and discourage undesirable behaviors. Besides, I stand a better chance to understand how to utilize rewards to foster language, communication, and other relevant skills. Undertaking the course will equip me with adequate information on how to relate to learners depending on their age as well as to formulate desirable goals for therapy. My goal in pursuing the course is to become a competent practitioner who has advanced knowledge and awareness regarding what it takes to relate and impact on learners with special needs. Furthermore, pursuing the course will allow me to achieve my goal of serving learners who require special education because I understand the tribulations many learners endure because they cannot deploy the same techniques as their normal fellows to undergo the learning process.

Various reasons compel me to choose the college to further my education. One of the reasons why I settle on this college is that I completed my undergraduate studies here and has already developed some form of attachment with the institution. I am already conversant with some learners as well as members of the faculty, which makes me feel like part of this large family. Therefore, it would be easy for me to enhance my relationships with others as well as provide me with an opportunity to have significant impact on the learning institution. Another reason why I choose the organization is that the instructors are competent enough and friendly to all learners regardless of their background and academic level. The tutors in this institution of higher learning seem to acknowledge that every person deserves equal attention and care and work hard to attend to everyone on equal basis. The good treatment by members of staff makes every learner feel motivated to learn and be part of the institution. Moreover, the members of staff are kind and always ready to help in many ways. The other reason that makes me to settle on the institution is that I regard it as being well-equipped in terms of resources that aid learning and teaching processes. For example, the university has a modern library and other resource centers where I can perform numerous researches about different topics. The level of ICT is also advanced, which presents a better chance to engage in educational activities.

I am confident that this is the appropriate time for me to enroll in the graduate program. One of the reasons why I think this is the most suitable moment is that the field is become more influential and those who qualify in this area have a better chance to secure a stable and well-paying job. An analysis by Elemy (2021) suggests that on average BCBA license holders make about $60,000 annually in the U.S. though this rate differs significantly by city and state. Two of the most influential factors on BCBA’s salaries are geographic location and years of experience (Elemy, 2021). Moreover, BCBA’s get varying payment across diverse work settings such as if they serve in not-for-profit organizations, learning facilities, and private practice (Elemy, 2021). The other reason why this is the suitable time to enroll for the program is that I completed undergraduate courses and gained significant insight into what I need to focus on to achieve my career goals. More fundamentally, it is at this time that I feel more mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to complete the course. I have amerced enough financial resources and I now have enough time to venture into the learning process. I know that paying attention to the mission will enable me to achieve my aspirations to become a BCBA license holder who understands how to perform required duties in the most competent manner.

Part II – Scholarship Application

Question 1 – Dimensions of Diversity

Organizations that embrace diversity are likely to experience more impressive outcomes and it is the reason why I aspire to bring various dimensions of diversity to the Applied Behavior Analysis Program. Promoting diversity and inclusion is important because it provides an opportunity to achieve better talent pool as well as to improve trust and participation (Roberge & Dick, 2010). Furthermore, it is imperative to emphasize on diversity because this makes it possible to achieve more impressive performance as well as to engage in effective decision-making (Roberge & Dick, 2010). It is also possible to achieve satisfaction and increased productivity when an organization or any other setting that bring people together embraces and develops diversity (Roberge & Dick, 2010). Consequently, I will emphasize on achieving gender equality while acknowledging that every person has a right to express their views regardless of their gender. Moreover, I will advocate for a relationship that is based on mutual respect and where one’s sexual orientation does not matter in how people express their views and desires. I would not want to witness a scenario where some people are discriminated against because they belong to a particular sexual orientation. More fundamentally, I will champion for the development of an environment where people are free to express and practice their religious beliefs and where religious differences does not determine how people succeed or get opportunities.

Question 2 – Creating Positive Culture

I will contribute to forming a positive culture and show support in the areas of inclusion, equity, and diversity among my peers using diverse techniques. I will constantly remind my peers the benefits of a diverse and inclusive environment, and encourage them to consider a diversified environment as one that presents many benefits. I will also refer to instances where diversity, equity, and inclusion has generated positive results, particularly in uniting people and avoiding potential confrontations. Furthermore, I will refer to instances where lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion resulted in confrontations and lack of understanding. Referring to both scenarios will allow my peers to choose whether to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion or to adopt an approach where people seclude themselves and practice individuality.

Question 3 – How the Degree will help to serve the Community

I hope that the Master’s degree in ABA will allow me to serve my community in many ways. First, the knowledge and skills will improve how I attend to learners with special needs because I will be able to deploy teaching and learning approaches that facilitate how they acquire the targeted message. Furthermore, I will use the skills and knowledge I gain from the course to change people’s perception about learners with special needs. I will emphasize that such learners deserve equal learning opportunities and have the potential to excel in life.


The paper falls into two sections. The first part explains why intend to enroll for the Master’s ABA program and the second part focuses on how I will foster diversity, equity, and inclusion while undertaking the course as well as how I will use the knowledge that I have gained to help members of the community. I am optimistic going through the program will improve how I help learners who require special education as well as to change how people perceive special learners.


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