Attitude theories

Attitude theories







People form different attitudes towards similar subjects or objects in their lives. These attitudes determine how they conduct their lives, the decisions they make on both social and political matters and the activities or behaviors they engage in. These attitudes are caused by certain factors, which lead a person into forming that attitude about the subject. Some attitudes are because of experience that a person passes through while others are formed out of speculation and the general attitude that is associated with that particular subject. This paper discusses two theories that try to deduce how attitude is formed and how they differ from each other. Further, it gives clear examples on each theory that demonstrate how an attitude was formed through each theory. The paper also expounds on the pros and cons of each theory when used to form an attitude towards a subject.
Attitude Theories

The first theory that discusses how attitudes are formed is the self-perception theory. This theory states that behavior causes a person to form an attitude towards a situation or object. This self-perception theory claims that a person may not form any attitude towards a subject simply because they have never behaved in a manner that caused them to form an attitude. This theory seeks to explain how a person starts to develop an attitude towards a subject once they engage in a behavior that makes them reflect on what attitude they have of that particular subject. The person reflects on the behavior contrasting it with past events and forms an opinion on the subject based on this behavior (Changing minds, 2012). The theory argues that a person easily forms an attitude towards the subject when they start behaving in a manner that is out of self-volition, rather than when told to behave in that manner. The theory asserts that when a person reflects on their behavior and discovers that it does not correspond with their attitude towards that subject, the person changes their attitude to a new attitude that is in line with their behavior.

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