Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy









Brand Strategy

1. Lenovo’s brand is important to its marketing success. What are the power, scope, and identity of the Lenovo brand? What is the intended impact of this restructuring upon the Lenovo brand?

The power of the Lenovo brand is its ability to communicate complex messages quickly and into new frontiers with the desired emotional impact. This is in addition to the brand’s ability to attract media attention. For instance, the company preferred to use product number (“3000”) as opposed to a product name because the number tends to reinforce the brand power and make the relevant association with the master brand. The scope of Lenovo’s brand management is centered on engaging in marketing programs that create support for the master brand. At Lenovo, the brand scope is focused on creating differences relating to the various aspects or attributes of the products we engage in. This is mainly realized by understanding the customer motivations and desires. The intended impact in the restructuring is to be able to survive and succeed in the global corporate environment. To achieve this fete, the company has to align itself to become an international firm in the electronics industry.

2. What are the competitive dynamics that brought Lenovo to this restructuring decision? What are the competitive factors did you consider and how did?

One of the competitive dynamics that has made Lenovo to restructure is the fact that China has now joined the United Nations. This means that the company will no longer enjoy the favorable and upper hand market. Since the nation is about to open up some of the restriction in line with the united nation’s free market policy, then the company is bound to face stiffer competition from other multinational companies with interests in the Chinese market. As evidenced by the financial report of the financial years of 2005 and 2006, there are evidently

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