Decision Making Policies

Summary Description of its Structure and Purpose

The website is a portal catering to information technology leaders as well as information officers. It is very well laid out, having a structure similar to those found in online publications, which post news, articles as well as a large number of links, which can be accessed by any interested members of the public. The web site’s main purpose is to ensure that leaders as well as the front-runners in the business and technology fields are provided with information, insights as well as different analysis that have to deal with information technology and show it relates with other business practices, strategies and plans.

This site mainly contains information that is useful in determining how a business can be improved using information technology. This will enable the businesses to be able to meet their organizational goals and targets, while placing much regard to the different economical trends and advances in technology. Moreover, it provides the most current news on fields that are pertinent, such as the economy, and can have a certain impact on the fields relating to IT and Business. It goes ahead to show the likely job openings within different lines of work like software development and engineering as well as other related fields.

It also has information relating to the business organization within the IT field, project, budget, staffing, management and the overall leadership. It is however important to understand that this website was not made solely for use by entrepreneurs and people that work in the information technology fields, but also any people interested to learn more about the IT industry or have stakes in the same can also greatly benefit  (CIO, 2010).
Its Overall Look and Feel and Apparent Target Audience

The website is very well presented and has a professional aspect and feels to it. This is because it deals with issues relating to information technology and its different trends. Although the website is heavily laden with information, it still would be considered appealing by any person, due to its effectiveness. Although the site maybe considered crowded, its simplicity is noted. This means that all people can easily use it even though they may lack the technical background. Any information that a person needs can be acquire from the website.

            The design of the website is also outstanding and professionally done. What captures my eye is the way in which the colors are used. Although information provided is a lot, the use of different colors tends to make this go unnoticed and making it easy to read. There are also several pictorials that have been used, which break the monotony brought on by having many words.
What I Find Useful about this Site

There are several things that I found to be very useful in the website. First, it provides links that can be used if a reader is interested in acquiring more details on a subject. The website is also an avenue for marketers within the IT fields to advertise their products. Being a highly outsourced information technology website, this is a wise action on their part as they are sure that a large audience will view their products. This will definitely have a positive impact on the company’s sales.


Links that I Followed Up and Intend to Follow

The website is quite easy to move through. This is because all the links have been provided. There are certain links that have captured my interest. These links include the how to page, the top stories links as well as the all solutions center links. The links, which I intend to follow up on, include the white papers (CIO, 2010). This is because they provide very useful information on what the companies already in the business are up to. This is very important in determining the next step of information technology advancement.
Any Other Things about the Site that I Find Interesting

Other things I like about the site are that it loads very fast. Unlike other sites where the links are either slow or non-functional, the links within this website all work exceptionally well. The work is properly written without any kinds of spelling or grammatical errors. This shows their level of professionalism.
Bottom-line Evaluation of its Value to Me

This website has proved to be of great value to me. The information contained here is priceless. The way in which it is arranged makes it very easy for understanding. It does not have information that can be considered useless or out of topic. It focuses on specifically on information technology and is therefore not confusing.

How this is Related to the Learning Objectives of this Module

The analysis and review of the website is very much related to the learning objectives of this module. This module is about Business. It is very important to see the impact information technology has had on the business sector and how best it can be used in a company in meet organizational goals and targets.



CIO. (2010). CIO. Retrieved on Nov 4, 2010, from the CIO web site:

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