Synopsis of Tort Cases Paper

Tort law consists of rules and regulations that address and give remedies for civil crimes that do not occur from contractual responsibilities. An individual who suffers legal damages can use tort law to obtain compensation from the person who caused the injuries. Tort law establishes the circumstances under which one person may be held liable for another person’s injury. Tort law maybe used to compensate for injuries of other peoples interest that are recognized in property or contract law. These are protected by infliction, confidentiality interests, defamation, and reputation torts.

From our case, there are several tort actions. The first action took place when Malik poured cold beer on Ruben, Daniel’s son. The other incidence was Daniel’s reaction after Malik spilled beer on his son. He shoved Malik making him lose his two front teeth. While Malik was getting assistance from the first aid station, Daniel was on his way out. He stopped to have some diet drinks where he was accused by a lady for having given his son alcohol. This was the other tort action, where Daniel’s reputation was ruined by Malik for having spilled liquor on his son, Ruben. The woman went on causing a great scene where so many customers were not happy with Daniel. Unfortunately, one of the customers in the scene was Daniel’s boss who fired him for having given alcohol to his son. This was still a tort action in the case. The last action in the case took place a time when Daniel shot Malik. This was after Malik and his wife threatened him with a gun, which was not loaded.

Ruben, Daniel and Malik are the potential plaintiffs in the case. This is because Ruben can sue Malik for having poured alcohol on him out of his own irresponsible behaviors. Malik inflicted pain on Ruben for ruining his enjoyment of the game. Daniel can act as a plaintiff in the case against Malik who ruined his reputation after he spilled beer on his son. This is evident from the case where a woman causes a scene accusing Daniel for having given alcohol to his son. In addition, Daniel can place a case against Malik for he lost his job where his boss accuses him of the same issue. Malik on the other hand can sue Daniel for hurting him intentionally where he lost his teeth. He can be a plaintiff by placing charges against Daniel for shooting him.

Both Malik and Daniel can be the defendants in the case. This is because Malik committed an offence by pouring alcohol on Ruben and by ruining Daniel’s reputation. Daniel is a potential defendant for intentionally causing injuries to Malik by shoving and shooting him. The two parties can be responsible for causing injuries to others. According to tort law, an individual is liable for compensation if one causes injury intentionally or out of negligence. A person may be compensated by another party for causing injuries on other people’s interests such as reputation. From the case, the plaintiffs can place charges against the people who insulted them. For instance, Ruben can be compensated by Malik who poured alcohol on him out of his negligence with Daniel compensating Malik for intentionally hurting him and for shooting him out of negligence. The other party liable for compensation is Daniel. This is because Malik ruined his reputation where he eventually loses his job. Malik should compensate him for causing injuries on his interests.

In conclusion, the defendants are not guilt until proven otherwise. They can make some defenses before the judge makes his ruling. Malik can defend himself by claiming that he did not pour alcohol on Ruben intentionally but it was an accident. Daniel can also defend himself by testifying in the court that he shot Malik in self-defense because he threatened him with a gun. From the given case, both Malik and Daniel will be found guilt by the court ruling. This is because their actions violate the tort law.


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