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Business Ethics

Business Ethics

The monitoring of employees in the workplace is a subject that has a broad scope and that several effects and purposes on the legal rights, morale and culture of the people in a workplace. The monitoring of workers in a workplace has several purposes that include for control purposes and financial accountability, for security purposes, for safety and for reasons of good management. The management of any firm should provide good reasons among the ones stated above to provide to their employees to prevent unnecessary conflicts (Young, 2010).

Employees, who work in large buildings with underground or huge parking lots and large empty hallways, welcome the idea of security cameras for security reasons. In institutions where large sums of money are handled, security cameras are also put in place to monitor employee activity also for security purposes. Real time viewing is done in such institutions to observe the actions of not only employees but also any other potential threats. Hidden cameras however cause controversy since rebellion is likely to occur in institutions where the employees are not aware. On the other hand, hidden cameras have advantages since the worst behaviors have been captured on such cameras (Young, 2010).

Monitoring the workplace is indeed a sign of good and competent management and when this observation is done by the management, it offers the best security for the firm. The method indeed has several good reasons. However, consultation and legal counsel is required before implementing the method to understand the consequences of several methods of monitoring, especially the hidden ones or ones which apply outside the place of work.





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