Business Information System Project






Business Information System Project

Tasali Foods Company is the second largest snack food company located in Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia. The company engages in different activities such as salting, roasting, canning nuts, processing grains, manufacturing peanut butter and potato chips, as well as, popcorn. There are many other products manufactured thus making the company prosper in their business. The interview was carried out with the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Mr. Mohammed Saeed via Skype. The interview was about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in the Tasali Foods Company. The ERP system is a term used in an industry to cover the wide range of activities, which helps in the CIO or business managers to manage the significant parts of the business. The available information made via the ERP system provides visibility for key performance indicators in the Tasali Foods Company necessary for achieving its intended objectives.

During the interview, we asked the CIO many questions concerning the ERP system in his company. Thus, we discovered many issues behind the use of ERP system. Actually, the CIO revealed that they opt for ERP cloud computing in their information system. This will be done especially when there is fast and reliable Internet connection. When the company has DSL Internet connection, which has high speed, they will use ERP cloud computing. However, they discovered that it loads pages slow when they tested it on online Software As a Service (SASS). Therefore, the CIO decided not to use SASS at the moment because even though the cloud computing has benefits, it is associated with some risks.

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