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Business Management

Business Management

I am part of the human resource team in a law enforcement company. I have worked there for eight years and it has been a pleasant experience. My company is very diverse since I get to interact with people from different races and ethnicities. It employs both men and women, without discrimination. It is also diverse in terms of age. We have many young people who are fresh from universities, the middle age who have considerable knowledge about the company and have worked there for some time, and we have experienced employees who are almost retiring.

Working in a diverse organization has several benefits. Different people bring different perspectives to the business and they have different ideas concerning different issues. This encourages creativity and innovation. Diversity encourages business growth and productivity. This is because companies manage to cut costs experienced when there is a high turnover and high incidences of absenteeism. Diversity can determine how a company is perceived by the public. A company that encourages diversity is viewed positively by customers, the employees and the public (Barak, 2010). The older employees usually guide the younger ones who do not have any knowledge about the company. On the other hand, younger employees see things from a different perspective and they come up with many ideas, which are useful to the company.

Having people from different ethnic and racial backgrounds is beneficial. Since customers and clients come from all sorts of places, ethical and racial diversity helps to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding, thus helping the company to provide better services. A business that encourages diversity gets the best people for the job since it does not have any limitations. Employees who work in a company that has fully embraced diversity usually thrive and are able to work at their full potential (Hickman, 2009).


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