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Business Management

Business Management

Organizational change can prove to be a difficult change for management. This is usually the case especially when employees are not prepared for the change. Most people find change difficult and they want things to remain as they are. Some people fear the unknown. They are not sure what will happen if the changes are initiated. On the other hand, some people may have experienced unsuccessful past changes and they will find it difficult to accept any proposed changes. Some feel threatened about losing their position. They may think that they will be demoted or that they will lose their jobs. Some of the changes come with extra work, which people may find difficult to do. Other people find change difficult because they do not have the needed skills needed for the new tasks. They may lack the required knowledge for the tasks that they are required to do. Some changes are introduced at the wrong time and they end up inconveniencing people (Rothwell, Stavros & Sullivan, 2009).

Several steps can help in easing the process of change. Communication and preparation is the key to successful change management. People need to be prepared early so that they get used to the idea of change. The management should spell out clearly what the changes will involve. They should reassure the employees concerning their jobs and positions and be give them the adequate training they need if the change will require additional knowledge. The management should include people in their plans and ask for their contribution regarding the proposed changes. The management should also listen and deal with the concerns and issues raised by the employees. Employees should be given a chance to negotiate especially if the changes will include losing something. Management should offer incentives to the employees who will be affected negatively (Kotter & Schlesinger, 2011).



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