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Re: Business Report Assignment


I have chosen to focus on my local fitness centre, Fitness World, for the business report. Fitness World is a fitness club located in Vancouver, Canada which was established in 1959. It has evolved over the years to one of the prime fitness clubs in the industry which produces positive, quantifiable and lasting results. It offers affordable fitness packages for individual and corporate clients. It also has a package for those individuals who require the services of a personal trainer for their fitness program.


Physical fitness enhances the body and the mind’s state of health. With the body and mind in optimum state of health, it is possible to handle every aspect of life in a better manner. This additionally improves an individual’s confidence and self esteem which is reflected in their personal relationships. The corporate program helps to keep employees fit and this can increase their productivity by up to 50% and reduce absenteeism by 30%.


The membership of Fitness World is based on a renewable contract. Some members do not renew their contracts after it has expired and therefore they do not enjoy the full benefits of the programs. The group membership program requires a minimum of ten members. This might be a difficult number to come up with for those individuals who wish to join the group program. Members who suffer major injuries as a result of an accident cannot continue enjoying the fitness programs as there is no special program for people recuperating from physical injuries.


In order to address the above challenges, I propose to come up with a report which will be beneficial to the management of the club as well as the members. The report will include the following recommendations:

A life time membership program where members will initially pay a one fee and a small amount for any program they wish to join thereafter.

Introducing a special package which will be more like a physiotherapy session for accident victims seeking to regain their fitness.

Reducing the number of people who can form a fitness group so as to make it more accessible.

Introducing a more flexible fitness schedule for people who wish to join the program but their tight work schedules cannot allow them.

Sources of information

I will visit other fitness clubs and use their programs to come up with a better program for Fitness World. I will also consult club members and the management team to see how best incorporate these changes. Relevant books, journals, magazines and the internet will also be useful in sourcing information.



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