Camping in Yurt Tents


  • Introduction:
    • Attention getter
    • Relevance
    • Thesis
    • Preview
  • Body of the speech
    • How Yurt meets your holiday needs
    • Different types of amenities in yurt tents
    • Different types of amenities in yurt tents
  • Conclusion


Attention getter: While wondering about the kind of holiday that you may want to take, why not consider camping in Yurt Tents?

Relevance: This is definitely an option that you may not want to lock out of your consideration. There are various opportunities that are usually available for people to engage in holiday outings.

Thesis: There are many aspects to a Yurt’s comforts, Full bathrooms, laundry, and full kitchens.

Preview: the kind of services that camping in Yurt Tents will offer you are richly fine-tuned to meet your holiday needs.

Amenities of a Yurt

How Yurt meets your holiday needs

The amenities found in a Yurt are designed to meet your holiday needs. The many services offered in a yurt are such enthralling leaving the person longing for more. Many of the services offered in a yurt are so friendly and welcoming such that the moment one gets involved in one camping holiday, the thrill and desire for more keeps pressuring and prompting one to engage in more of such outdoor holidays. The good news about Yurts is that they are the best so far in rendering the services needed for an outdoor holiday from all perspectives. In fact, if comparisons are to be made on the various services offered and the charges that are needed, it is extremely fair for such a Holiday (Myrtha, 2008).

Different types of amenities in yurt tents

Within the Yurt are several services fully installed with amenities that one may need while on holiday. The price charged caters for the many needs of an outdoor holiday such as pots and pans which include toaster, cooking utensils including eating utensils (plates, cups, glasses and silverware), Paper towels (toilet tissue and Kleenex), bar soap including sponge and scrub as well as a dish detergent, a broom, a gas grill (patio table and chairs), TV including DVD, Heat and A/C, provision of sleeping accommodation by Unit and finally, a complementary bundle of firewood to be used for lighting fire.  A look at all the provisions in a yurt clearly indicates that there are very minimal in any items that you need to pack while leaving for camping in Yurt tents. The convenience of the yurt is even further enhanced by the many services that are within the location of the tent that augment the comfort of a yurt (Myrtha, 2008).

Services within the proximity of yurt tents

The proximity of the Yurt to the major services such as the village center, downtown, and bus stop, scooter/motorbikes for hire, car rental, breadstore, caterer, local stores, supermarket, hairdressing salon, internet café, mail office, bank, drugstore, doctor and hospital are some of the major factors that contribute to the high increased preference of the yurts as the ultimate destination for an outdoor camping holiday. It turns out therefore, that yurts are perfect for first time campers and those that who are engrossed with hiking. In fact, yurts have became the 21st century epitomes of luxury camping. A yurt (Year-round Universal Recreation Tent) has a wooden circular platform and lattice framework with conical roof covered by a heavy canvas for preventing wind and water. The plastic skylight roof enables viewing of trees or watch snow falling or moon rising (Myrtha, 2008).


  1. A.                          I have conclusively discussed the various amenities that are provided in the Yurt tents as a perfect place to get a camping holiday. The ultimate comfort for an outdoor camping holiday is definitely a yurt.
  2. B.                           The various amenities provided in a yurt are friendly for both first time campers and hike lovers. Due to the comfort that yurts offer, they are now regarded as the luxury camping destination of this century.
  3. C.                          There are many aspects to a Yurt’s comforts, Full bathrooms, laundry, and full kitchens. The amenities are the main reason why yurts have gained the popularity of being the best destination for a camping holiday of this century.


C, Myrtha, “Yurt Camping is Perfect for First-Time Campers.” Yurt Camping is Perfect for First-Time Campers. 23 Apr. 2008. 6 Oct 2009 .


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