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Career Profession

            The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the United States Government’s primary crime investigation agency. An FBI agent investigates violations of U.S laws and reports his findings to the office of the attorney general. The forms of criminal activity investigated by an FBI agent are many and varied and include bribery, organized crime, kidnapping, international espionage, terrorist threats, drug trafficking and airplane hijackings. FBI agents are also responsible for investigating interstate criminal activity. To carry out their investigative roles, FBI agents talk to witnesses, do background research on those involved, observe the activities of their suspects and makes arrests on suspected criminals. Career requirements are a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, criminology, political science, law or business at the very minimum.

Annotated Web Links

   The Federal Bureau of Investigation publishes and manages this site, which offers information on how to apply to be an FBI agent, recruiting events, types of employment offered by the bureau, and provides statistics and testimonials on employment services. This web link offers information on FBI Special Agents, entry requirements, and FBI and Department of Homeland Security job openings. The All Criminal Justice Schools web link provides an overview of an FBI agent career, the career prerequisites, and the salary estimates of an FBI agent.

In an article titled FBI Initiative to Find Traveling Serial Killers, dated March 21 2010, Melissa Murfin tells of how the FBI created the National Highway Killings Initiative in 2009 to compile information on violent crimes such as sexual assaults, missing persons and homicides. The program focuses on violent criminal activity along U.S highways and often involves several states with multiple jurisdictions. She goes on to explain that using the program’s database simplifies the process of investigation. The FBI also offers free seminars to police investigators to help in the investigation and apprehension process. The following link was used to access the article:

Several professional associations are formed to help FBI agents in their profession. One of these is the FBI Agents Association whose mission is to protect and advance the interests of agents within the Bureau as well as in the public domain. FBIAA has a membership of approximately 9,800 agents whose annual dues are $78. The agency publishes periodical articles on its web page and provides links to news that is linked to the profession. A second association is the FBI Intelligence Analysts Association which was formed in 2009. The organization seeks to represent the professional interests of FBI Intelligence Analysts within the FBI and to appropriate stakeholders in the executive branch and the Congress.

The association’s membership comprises of the agency’s 2,500 intelligence analysts, who get such benefits as professional legal services at a reduced fee and expanded career opportunities. FBIAA posts information updates on its internet site, . The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association is an additional association whose mission is to provide legal assistance and representation to the federal law enforcement community. The association’s members include more than 25,000 law enforcement officers from Customs, FBI, IRS-CI, TIGTA and INS. Members of the association are entitled to legal representation in work related matters as well as scholarships, among other benefits. The association publishes relevant information on its website, .

Virginia Code Section 18.2-308 prohibits the carrying of any pistol, revolver or any other weapon intended to propel a missile of any kind by action of an explosion of any combustible material. This is directly associated to the FBI agent profession as the agents, other law enforcement officers and those who have a permit, are the exception. This information was retrieved from , a page of the Virginia State Police where laws on firearms and information on how to get resident concealed handgun permits are given.

Additional information may be found on Here, information on the FBI Training Academy is given. This is essential to know as all FBI agents begin their career at the academy in Virginia. The link gives information on varied FBI career paths, other than the Special Agent choice. This information is critical as persons who have studied computer science, foreign languages, forensics and even nursing are able to find out that they too can become FBI agents.





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