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Case 5

Case 5






Case 5

In the five-part case sturdy, the volunteer proves his commitment to the project when he fulfils his promise to the farmers by having the seeds delivered to them in one week. He accomplishes this by availing his pickup and personally going to the city to collect the seeds. The volunteer does not request for gas from the co-operative rather he single handedly finances the cost of the whole operation. His enthusiasm to succeed sees him go out of his own way to facilitate and assist in this project at all cost.

The seeds finally arrived although they turned out to be of poor quality. This is largely contributed by the ambition of the volunteer to have his project succeed. The volunteer was under a lot of pressure from the farmers who wanted the seeds delivered within a week or they would revert to other seeds. This coupled with the need to succeed inhibited his sound judgment to access the situation, hence he reported the delay of seeds to the minister.

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