Challenges Facing Human Resource Management

Methods that are used to manage employees constitute human resource management. The management of employees is often beset by problems that may range from small issues to serious issues such as remuneration and employee safety. Human resource management’s role in the workplace is the organization of change and its effects for the benefit of the business. Due to growing competition in all spheres of businesses and business types, retaining valuable employees is a major problem since hey are attracted by other businesses that offer better terms. Therefore, this has led to the increased need for effective resource management that caters to the needs of employees by ensuring that the workplace is conducive for work. Additionally, the management has to ensure that the talents of those within the organization are well trained and their talents developed to the maximum so that they can fell fulfilled as well as work efficiently for the organization (Chan, 2009).

By fulfilling the demands of the employees and keeping them happy, the management is able to influence decision-making and policies in the organization for the better. In the human resource department, the challenge remains being able to motivate individuals for better performance and gain their loyalty. The development of leaders in the workplace is one of the challenges faced by human resources departments since some individuals are not intent on leadership or self-development and progress. The department also has to identify and deal with redundant employees to ensure that the firm makes profit and is both efficient and productive. The human resource management also has to encourage and fight for the organizational values so that peace and respect have to be preserved in the working environment (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2009).

Leaders in the organizational setting should be developed so that there is a succession of people who are ready to take up leadership positions at any time. This ensures that there is continuity in the firm and at the same time motivating employees to reach for higher posts thereby making the organization productive. The development of employees and their promotion can only be achieved if there is an individual

Competition is a challenge especially when there are organizations that deal along the same line and hence employees can move from one company to another. Therefore, the issue of remuneration is high on the list of items that challenge the human resource department. In the face of mergers and acquisition of firms by others, remuneration has become an important issue since there has to be a balance between the employees for peace to prevail in the business environment. If some employees feel discriminated against, they are likely to object and lower their work standard thereby lowering production and efficiency. The organization must then be responsible for balancing earnings according to rank and ensuring that the employees are satisfied with their earnings (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2009).

Another major challenge for human resource management is the management of diversity in the workplace. This is especially true with the trend of globalization that is a recent occurrence. Diverse cultures and opinions may be present in a workplace and hence the human resource management has to have ways for managing these diverse cultures to minimize conflict while maximizing their positive input into the business. This is a difficult task that can only be accomplished through the participation of other like-minded people and through respecting each other. By putting forward and emphasizing the need for respect and cooperation in the company, it is possible to have a work environment that is conducive and one that encourages production (Chan, 2009). By acknowledging the existence of these challenges, it is possible to address them and even come up with positive changes in the workplace that will encourage production.


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