Character Analysis

Character Analysis
Name of the Student:
Ty is a character in the short play by Robb Badlam. He and his friend Duff are at McDonald having some food while having some male bonding. They talk about what they perceive as difficulties of manhood. Topics of discussion include breasts, crossword puzzles, girls, dating and sex. Ty is a character who is very opinionated. This is seen when he tells Duff not to underestimate the allure of celebrity. The firmness in Ty’s belief is seen when the author in his notes indicates ‘very firm in his statement’(line 18). Ty is also very persuasive. When Duff does not seem to believe that the allure of celebrity should not be underestimated for example, Ty is quick to try to convince Duff by giving him an example. He says ‘Dude, people have sex with Steve Buscemi’ (line 20). Ty is also an accommodating person. Ty does not agree with most of what Duff says but keeps listening to Duff and answering back. For example when Duff talks about how he wonders if anybody ever walks to the mayor and bites him, Ty becomes irritated but keeps talking to Duff. Duff asks “So you lost your pen, and now your going to go through the whole rest of your life, without writing anything down?”. Ty does not get irritated even though he had not said that he was going to go through his life without writing. He simply says “Its not much of a plan, but it’ll do for now”
Ty is also a logical person. When Duff tells him that if women knew what went on in men’s minds they would not talk to them, Ty answers by saying “They don’t talk to us now”. The author notes that Ty thinks logically on this occasion. Ty is also an evasive person. He dodges the direction Duff tries to steer the conversation towards very cleverly. When for example Duff says that all guys think the same way about sex, Ty evades the the conversation by saying “ yeah its everybody”. At this point Duff calls him ‘skippy’. Ty is also naïve. When Duff wants to go over to the girl at McDonald and talk to her, Duff seems very versed with different strategies of opening a conversation. Ty on the other hand seems clueless. He does not seem to understand Duff’s plan. The author in his notes about Ty in this scene uses words such as “confused…trying to make sense of what he just heard….realizing the implication”. Ty shoots Duff down when Duff suggests that Ty walk over to the girl and open conversation with her. Ty is also a motivating friend. He offers Duff fifty Bucks if Duff talks to the girl in question. Although Ty obviously has no way of getting this money so he can give Duff, he says this in a bid to encourage his friend to make the first move on the girl. When Duff says that fifty backs is too little, Ty is quick to tell Duff that he (Duff) would save his dignity if he talked to the girl. This is also meant to encourage Duff to speak to the girl. Ty is a good friend to Duff. Even after Duff fails to talk to the girl, Ty is quick to show his friend that he understands him. When Duff asks “Do you know what I really like Ty?”, Ty replies “Breasts Duff?”. This implies that he is with his friend even when things do not go as planned.

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