Classical concert: Philharmonic Orchestra





Classical concert: Philharmonic Orchestra

The junior Philharmonic Orchestra was held at California on 14th may 2011 at the Disney hall in Los Angeles. The concert was scheduled was organized in preparation of the main 74th anniversary scheduled this coming month and was to commence at noon. The hosts of the concert were Melissa Suzanne and the guests were junior Philharmonic Orchestra, Andy Arensman, Debra Greene, Petri Hawkins, Gary Greene, Stefanie Powers, Ed Asner, Connie Stevens, Ashley Brown, Wink Martindale, Kevin Schwarzwald, Richard Sherman and June Lockhart. The master conduct was Gary Greene together with Ed Asner and the guest conductor was Richard Sherman. The Junior Orchestra of California is one of the oldest, unique and most prestigious young people’s symphony in the United States.

The Orchestra was founded in 1937 in Los Angeles, California by the late prominent conductor Dr. Ernst Katz. The concert hall had an average number of 2,000 people though on average it holds 2,265 people hence it was large enough to accommodate for the huge number. The hall was designed like a large piece of organ and the interior décor is great. The stage was decorated with maroon curtains falling from the top and the seats of the performers were arranged neatly in rows on the stage. The lighting was just perfect for the concert. The Performers were dressed in formal suits and the women had plain black formal dresses. The performers had many types of instruments, for example, the bowed instruments like the violins, the violas, the cellos and double basses. The silver-plated woodwind instruments were the flute, clarinet, bassoon and oboe. The brass instruments could also be seen.

The concert begun with an opening introduction from the famous radio personality named Wink Martindale. He introduced the organizers of the concert then called out on the first performers. Their performance was great though was the first, it left the audience in anticipation for more. The second performance was from Dick Van Dyke the famous comedian actor and musician. He performed with his quartet called Dick Van Dyke and the Vantastix. Their routine was breathtaking, so full of life that at the end people clapped loudly. As they left the stage, the master of ceremony cracked a joke at Mr. Dyke and everyone was laughing as well.

The mood of the concert was warm everyone seemed to enjoy the presentations. All heads were moving in harmony to the performer’s rhythm. The best piece of music I enjoyed was from the Junior Philharmonic Orchestra, the group has professional players. The rhythm was increasing with the pace of the piece; the melody was slightly high pitched due to the violins they used and the song was set in accelerando mode it kept increasing. They performed different pieces of music before ending the concert. The concert was one of the most memorable in the history of philharmonic orchestra concerts. Towards the end, the master of ceremony thanked everyone for being present at the concert including the audience, the performers and their conductors. Finally, it was over and we all left for home.

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