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            The world is too unpredictable for people who do not like having adventures. I can endorse the fact that adventures and the desire to know more makes people discover new things every day in their life. This is because of the knowledge that I got from watching a lecture on controversial literature. Controversial literature can be defined as literature that is written to bring about controversy in what people think about something or what other literature means. Sensitive issues that are discussed in sensitive literature include lesbianism, diseases like aids and child sexual abuse.

Response to Lecture

            I can confess that the lecture on controversial literature was interesting and educative to me. This is because of the fact that it enlightened me on controversial literature and its causes. I learnt people have the right to object on the reading of particular books. This is because of the content in the book, which may be destructive to the book readers. It made me understand that the books that students use in school are selected by their teachers who go through them before teaching about them in class. This is because the books determine how the teacher will be able to teach the students. If the book content is vulgar and obscene, teachers may find it hard to teach the class on the vulgar issues. The students who are exposed to this content are also vulnerable and may end being influenced by the book content.

I have also learnt that some books are kept out of public use because they carry controversial literature, which is not fit for public consumption. I also learnt that some authors are forced to change the content of their books in order for the books to be accessed by the public. In order for the meaning to be changed, the author may change the characters or the theme of the book. It is also important for parents to check the books that their children are reading because some of them have controversial messages, which are destructive to their children’s morals.

The lecture was helpful to me because it made me understand the importance of marginalizing controversial literature. An example is the book, “Come sit by me” which talks about discriminating Aids patients. The book is likely to make people believe that they can contract HIV/AIDS by socializing with the victims of the disease. It is true that people cannot contract Aids by socializing with the Aids victims hence discriminating them is not fair. The reason as to why this book was taken away from the shelves is that it would have led to discrimination against people suffering from AIDS. It is true that the lecture was educative and interesting but I would like to know who came up with the idea of raising objection on the use of some books. I would also like to know whether there are legal reprimands to authors who write books with controversial literature.

Response to lecture Response Answer

            I would also like to compliment the responder’s idea of not knowing about controversial books. This is because many teachers and parents do not expose the books to their children. It is true that most teachers analyze the books for them to be able to answer questions that students may ask. They also read the books for knowledge hence any book that is destructive to the student morals is objected by them because anyone has a right to object controversial literature. It is also wise to endorse the responder’s idea that the authors of controversial literature may use symbolism to communicate their messages in literature. This is evident by Christopher Columbus’ fictional which pass vital information to readers but in a factual interesting and glorifying manner. Students end up learning more about the past world. Another example is the book about “Child sexual abuse” by Laurie Tells, which gives a story about how parents can sexually abuse their children. Although the book is categorized as controversial literature, the message in the book is very important to children. I would finally like to agree with the responder that controversial literature is harmful to readers despite the fact that it is sometimes unavoidable.






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