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Classics English literature





Part One:

The first websites analyses the feminist criticism, which is common in the society. It provides information about feminist in the late 19th centuries and the way the feminist theories was broadly conceived and applied to linguistic as well as literary matters. However, feminist criticism has literally been developed and diversified more in varied ways in a global perspective. Women are considered inferior to men who are regarded as superior in the society. One of the French feminist acknowledged the critique of Beauvoir but focused more on language as a dominance tool for men thus arguing for expansion of feminine language and writing.

The second website evaluates feminist criticism from 1960s to the present. The theory of feminist includes historical background of women such as women in politics during the earlier centuries. The theory focuses on modern art, discrimination or stereotyping of women, oppression of women and sexual objectification. It focuses on gender inequality analysis as well as promotions of women’s rights, their interests and issues.

The third website analyzes feminist theory and tries to make clear the nature of femininity inequality in the society. It draws attention to different social expectations of men and women and the way those expectations play different roles in literature. Feminists try to analyze social roles practiced by women and men. The society values men and women different for instance when reading a novel such as A Noble Engineer, one way to analyze it is to look at it as a story and think about how gender impacts individuals in that novel. In this way, one will be able to understand the way women are represented in the society.

The fourth websites provides information about gender identities. It defines gender identity as the way which individuals categorize men and women. Thus, conferences and debates have been held in order solve the issue of gender identities. This website examines the way gynocritism group who studies women’s writings reveals women have been discriminated in all fields throughout all the ages. It comments on the way feminist critics started analyzing literary texts through examining the way women’s characters were portrayed and exposed women’s patriarchal ideologies in the 19th centuries.

Part Two:

Professor Siege notes that deconstruction is used mostly in literature as one way of responding to literature work. This term creates many contradictions especially when studying literature because different people come up with different interpretations of literary work that cause misunderstandings. Although, deconstruction may cause contradictions of the meanings of words, it is vital because it acknowledges varied and intricate connections amongst reading as well as writing. Deconstruction especially in literature is crucial because it enables one to come up with varied responses of literary meanings of critical words. Moreover, deconstruction is imperative in creative writing and English literature because it creates room for different responses and understandings of literature work.

Additionally, Bedford Martin reveals that it is difficult to define deconstruction because it cannot be pinned easily. It represents an understanding of language as exciting and creative subject thus opening up possibilities for varied meanings. Bedford comments that deconstruction is significant because it examines or analyzes the vagueness of language used in a certain text in literature. However, this should be carefully analyzed in order to avoid creating different meanings, which cannot be understood. From the two movies, deconstruction is used in shading some meanings towards feminist theory. Some criticisms of feminists employ deconstruction in analyzing feminist theories. It is through deconstruction whereby the use of language in literature texts are analyzed thus, producing meaning that even the authors may have not intended to produce.




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