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Heatstrology – The Heat Zodiac


It is obvious that people are different in almost all areas. Even identical twins differ not only in some physical attributes but also in their emotional responses. People are also different in terms of their reactions to various situations with some blaring with anger while some remain quiet even in the most confrontational circumstances. In this view, people can be classified as hot, warm, lukewarm or cold. Hot and cold people are on the extremes while warm and lukewarm people are in the middle. This classification is based on the emotional outlook of people as opposed to the physical.

Hot people

This is a group of people who have high tempers and are not afraid to confront anyone who stands in their way. The slightest misunderstanding may result in a huge confrontation from such people. In addition, it is common for them to blow things out of proportion as they take little time to understand what is going on. Hot people speak loudly and love going out even on weekdays. They do not care what other people say about them adopting a don’t-care attitude. However, they easily make and lose friends because of their confrontational attitude. Moreover, being a hot person can be disadvantageous especially in the work place as they argue a lot as opposed to the other categories of people. In relationships, hot people are the key decision makers and if their partner does not follow their demands, the relationship is as good as dead. In summary, hot people are on the extreme in expression of emotion depending on their mood at a given time. Moreover, they always say what comes to their mind first.

Warm People

This is a category of people who have characteristics slightly below the hot ones. Their expression of emotions is almost the same as described above but in a moderate form. Warm people strive hard to control their tempers but blow up occasionally. In addition, they try harder to keep relationships intact but if they make the decision to leave, there is no turning back. At the work place, they are easy to work with and welcome other people’s ideas. They are also ready to talk to other people about their problems. In summary, warm people are more restrained as opposed to the hot ones.

Lukewarm People

            This is a group of people nearer to being cold as opposed to the warm group. It is hard to understand what drives their decision as they use little or no body language. Parks, parties, and other social gatherings are not their favorite places and will only go there if forced by circumstances. In the work place, lukewarm people do not like working in groups and if they have to, cannot be the team leader. Lukewarm people will only participate in an argument if forced by circumstances for example, in class. In summary, such people are calm and hardly react excitedly to situations or things.

Cold People

Cold people are the extreme opposite of hot people. They are silent and rarely talk to others. They speak in hushed tones and one would mistake them for being sad at all times. Cold people do not feel the need to express their emotions and one cannot know if they are sad or happy. For example, a cold person may attend a party but end up not talking or even smiling to anyone. Cold people are hard to annoy or even please as they rarely show their temper levels. It is impossible to see cold people laughing aloud or crying openly. At the work place, they are hard to work with, as they do not communicate with other people. In summary, cold people never express their emotions.


In conclusion, all manners of classifications exist in the world today while new ones sprout depending on the method of classification. The above classification gives a new definition to emotional responses by different people. Classification of people helps to understand human beings better and work with each person depending on their character. In summary, we all are either hot, warm, lukewarm or cold.

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