Current Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

a) How the teacher should act.

  • The teacher should not show favoritism towards any of the students but he should try to be fair to all the students
  • The teacher should teach with example by respecting the students. This will also encourage the students to treat the teacher with respect
  • A teacher should have a positive attitude towards teaching and towards the students. He or she should teach with enthusiasm, as this will encourage the students
  • Teachers should show the students that they care about them. they should be willing to listen to their problems and address their concerns

b) How students are expected to behave.

  • Students are expected to behave in an orderly and acceptable manner. They should not move about in the classroom as the lessons are continuing
  • The students should participate in the classroom. They should be willing and ready to ask questions and they should respond and answer the teacher’s question
  • Students should be disciplined and controlled. They should listen to the teacher and they should follow the established rules.
  • The students should treat each other with respect. They should not bully, fight or insult each other.

c) What the classroom might look and feel like.

  • The classroom should be a safe environment where the students feel comfortable to learn and the teacher is at ease when teaching
  • The classroom should be clean and tidy and all the materials should be kept in place
  • The classroom should have all the learning materials. The materials should be arranged in such a way that they are easy to access
  • The classroom should be colorful and interesting. It should have adequate lighting and should be painted with vibrant colors
  • The desks should be arranged in such a way that the teacher can see all the students, and all the students can see the teacher clearly
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