Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

What is it?

Cloud computing is the condition whereby computational of resources on command are done through a computer network. The clients or users submit their work to the service provider such as Goggle or word processing without processing the software or hardware. The applications of clouds may support any system of software application because the cloud is the core delivery device. Cloud computing allows for a practical separation between used resources and the computer user residing in the external local network. An analogy that explains the term cloud computing well is an example of public services such as electricity, water or gas (Shacklett, 2011). Cloud computing makes use of the network as a way of connecting the client to resources that are found in the cloud.

How does it relate to laboratory medicine?

Cloud computing is related to laboratory medicine because of the way it performs the work like medicine. Most of the laboratory medicine bases on cloud computing model especially in large hospitals. The model is used in laboratory medicine because it gives complete and accurate data when used by health professions in research. The cloud computing is linked with the laboratory medicine because many laboratory medicine experiments are carried out using cloud model to formulate data.

Cloud computing is related to laboratory medicines because it provides the client with useful information just like the way laboratory medicine tests provide accurate results. It can ultimately diagnose and characterize certain diseases thus determines the kind of medicine that is efficient to a certain disease (Shacklett, 2011). Many academic students when carrying out laboratory tests use cloud model. In addition, it is related to the laboratory because the cloud computing helps researchers to get skills that they in turn apply in invention of new medicine in the laboratory.

How does it compare to the ASP model?

Cloud computing is compared to the Application Service Provider (ASP) model because they both use resources of the service provider. In an ASP model, there is the use of resources from the service provider to run the programs and access the associated information. This premise is the foundation of the service provider model that uses certain service applications regardless of its nature. This is not different from the cloud computing because computations of resources are accessed and the client uses specific service application to get the information.

Cloud computing model simply takes the concepts of the ASP model into further steps, dividing the delivery layers to a service solution. In addition, it incorporates the use of extra-outsourced information from the service providers. Cloud and ASP services utilize the internet as their main source provider. They have been both proven as the technological means by which business organizations meet their operation demands through innovation and efficiency. They both control all the aspects in the process of manufacturing and they give the clients the required data that is effective (Shacklett, 2011).

However, ASP model delivers specific benefits that the cloud-computing model does not provide. It replaces some of the Internet equipment such as window programs and software in management task. It provides the window system and its delivery is based on window-based in application running. It offers technical applications that other network installations do not have such as reliable data secure, protection of remote user access and IT disaster recovery. The associated costs of ASP model becomes part of the hosting and managing service hence many users of this model especially in big business companies prefer using ASP technology.


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