Communication for Marginalized Populations

Communication for Marginalized Populations


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Population Description and Communication Tip

Different people will be communicated to differently in order to reach out to them without confusing them and making them feel any different. Most of the elderly people are slower and need one to be more patient with them than when dealing with other people. Like in the case of Mrs. Elson, making the patients aware about the outcome of the figures but keeping them in a mood that makes them to be at ease is very important. This is to be done without getting into further medical details as this would be playing the role of a doctor. Any medical information given that it was not well gotten, should be slightly explained to the accompanying person like in the scenario, although further arrangements should be made with a doctor in order to get things right.

It is good to ensure that people falling under the illegal aliens group are welcomed. This enables them to feel more at ease and open up more as they trust the caregiver. Most of them do not trust people easily and are conservative. It is also useful to appreciate any effort they might have made in order to make the visit easier like in the case of Ramona. Appreciating the fact that she brought her daughter along in order to explain to her the language areas she did not understand was important. This should be done with care that the young child or any other interpreter will not feel over burdened. People dealing with jobs that are referred to as ‘low’ or ‘dirty’ should be welcomed in a way that makes them feel accepted. Most of them may be arrogant in order to show that they also matter or are reserved. In the case of Marty, appreciating the fact that he was not looking fine and inquiring what was the problem was a good start. This would help such people open up more and be able to save them from a serious problem like in the case of Marty.

Overall Lesson from the Simulation Activity

            In the simulation activity, the overall lesson to be learned is that treating everybody well will make them open up more, remove any anxiety within and solve problems faster than treating them otherwise. Welcoming the patients and showing concern about their health is a fast step to their recovery. It is important to make them open up as much as possible about their problems in order to help get any information that maybe of additional help to the problem at hand.

Improving Communication between Caregivers, Children and Disabled Patients

            Many people, especially those who are in the marginalized groups, do not have a lot of understanding about health issues. This means that it is important to be slower in explaining the problems they are encountering, the different measures that can be taken in treating it and what they can do to control or avoid further problems. Although this may not be possible to do it all at once, the little that one does in each visit should be done in as much layman’s language as possible. This will be easier for the patient to understand their situations and be less confused. It is also important to make sure that one plays their role well and leave the responsibilities of the doctor, to the doctor. Most patients do not know the difference.

In the children’s case, it is good to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible. It is very important to reassure them that everything will be taken care of by the doctor and they will be fine. It reduces a lot of anxiety thus reducing the chances of getting other complications. Any explanations should be done carefully in order to reduce the chances of invoking anxiety. Other complicated explanations should be done to the guardians or the parents. The people with disabilities should be welcomed and be put at ease before offering any complicated explanations. Anyway, they should not be treated like children, as this will make them feel inferior. Any complicated terminologies should be put in simpler terms in order to make it easier for them to understand. It is also important to give them as much help as possible especially when getting the tests done.

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