Magnitude of Decision-Making

            Have you ever been in a situation that you are required to make a decision about an issue and it becomes very difficult because you think what you decide is not the right thing? Decision-making is a very important factor in any business and even in our day-to-day activities. Without decision making, activities would be carried out randomly and we would not have an organized environment at all. It is very essential for any individual to learn how to be a good decision maker. Anyone who is a leader in a particular place must be in a position to make the final decisions because those decisions will determine the failure or the success of the issue at hand. It can be quite a difficult task to make decisions especially in a situation where so many people are dependent of the decision that an individual  is about to make. One does not have to be a perfect decision maker because there is always room for few mistakes and as long as those mistakes do not jeopardize the survival of the business. It is not only in business that one has to make decisions. Even the daily activities that one carries out have to be out of decisions that were made.

Decision-making requires teamwork because two hands are actually better than one. For the success of a business or for an issue at hand to go through, a team of people must come up with what they think is best and the combination of all these opinions and the outcome will be very effective. A good manager or leader will always give room for those working under him or her to chip in their suggestions. This will increase the growth of the business because the decision-making is not just left for one person but is open to all. If one is a leader who always victimizes those who make independent decisions regardless of whether the outcome is good or bad, then one is just building a culture of dependency on oneself that is risky and impedes organizational growth and competitiveness.

For me to be able to convey the message to my audience, it is important that I think about the communication skills as they determine how well my message will be understood. I try to maintain the eye contact with the audience so that they can get the criticality of my message. I try to make the talk as interesting as possible. By this, I involve the audience, and therefore it is a two-way talk. Participation of the audience keeps them busy and they will understand my message better. I then finish by asking questions on the topic of discussion to ensure that they were keenly listening.

People who are working together as a team will always work faster because they contribute suggestions and hence save on time. My advice to the teacher is to split the students into groups and assign them each their duty, then have a presentation by every group in class of the assignment they have done. The other change is to distribute the class evenly by placing the intelligent students with the weak students so that they can assist each other and avoid many failures. Ensure that there is a communication day per week to enhance the communication skills. The students will have the interest to attend the classes because they will be assured that it is not the normal schedule of their teachers coming to class. This will even enhance their understanding capacity.

For a good decision-making, there has to be an excellent communication system also. They will always go hand-in-hand. Where there is no effective communication, there is no positive outcome. Teamwork is also an essential for good decision-making. It is important to develop high-quality communication skills so that their can be a valuable relationship with other people; employees, workmates, schoolmates, relatives and friends. As a communication professional, one should be able to assign people to help with the decision making process for positive outcomes.

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