Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Name: Peter Jones

Age: 33 years old

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: January 3, 1978

Ethnic background: Black American

Residence: New York, NY


The patient is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder due to what he experienced at the September 11 bombings. The assessment will help in determining the kind of treatment and care that he should be given in order to be able to recover fully. Additionally, the assessment will help in evaluating whether the patient has had any other experiences, which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.


Goal 1: Checking what the patient experienced during the bombings


The patient recounts some of the events that happened during that day. He used to work as an accountant in an accounting firm, which was located in one of the Twin Towers. That day, the patient was busy working in his offices when he heard a loud bang. He remembers seeing some of his colleagues, who he had worked with for more than ten years, being crashed by the walls of the building to death. After that, the patient found himself in the hospital, which was full with other victims screaming and yelling in pain.


Objective: To evaluate the degree in which the patient experienced the incident.


Goal 2: Checking whether the patient had other horrific or violent experiences


The patient says that in his entire life, he has never experienced anything that could lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. The only experience, which the patient considers violent or horrific, was the different action and horror movies he had watched.


Objective: To evaluate whether there is any other experience, which might contribute to his condition?


Goal 3: Check the number of times the patient has been having either the memory loss or               the reenactments


The patient says that most of the time he experiences these re-enactments when he hears a loud bang or hooting of the cars. Additionally, sometimes when he is working, he loses his memory and does not know where he is or he does not remember his name.


Objectives: To evaluate the degree to which the post-traumatic stress disorder could have escalated.


Goal 3: Reviewing the medical history of the patient


According to the medical files of the patient, he does not have any medical condition, which is contributing to his ailments. Additionally, the patient does not have any allergies that can react to the medication, which will be diagnosed by the doctor.


Objectives: To review his past medical history to evaluate whether there is a past medical condition, which might affect his treatment?


Goal 4: Evaluate the financial background of the patient


The patient has a medical insurance, which covers for all the treatments and diseases that he can ever be diagnosed with. In addition to this, the patient has a wife and two children, and they live in the suburbs of New York City. Moreover, he has a permanent job, working as an accountant in the US Department of Finance.


Objectives: To evaluate whether the patient has the ability of accessing the right medical care and attention at all the time.



The patient recognizes that he is ill and he needs immediate medical attention. The patient is ready for any treatment, which will be prescribed for him because most of the time many patients do not accept they have a problem. In conjunction, it has been realized that the patient is not seriously affected because he only experienced a small part of the incident before he blacked out. Additionally, the number of times he loses his memory or re-enacts this experience are not many.

It is recommended that the patient visit a psychiatrist who will help him in the process of healing. Moreover, his family members especially his wife, should talk to him constantly and incase there are any problems or changes in behavior, she should take him to the nearest hospital immediately.

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