Conducting Interviews





Conducting Interviews


An interview is one of the most important things for companies and other organizations that might require performing. For instance, when a police officer is trying to solve a case, he or she tries to use the best method so that he or she can come up with an answer. If the police officer has three suspects of a case, he or she must be careful so that he or she does not make a mistake of convicting the wrong person. For this reason, the police officer must use the correct process of interviewing a suspect. The interview is a process that more often has legal implications, things to avoid, roles of the interviewer and interviewee and a follow up procedure.


When preparing to interview a person or a suspect, several steps should be followed for it to be effective. The first step of conducting an interview is determining the objectives of the interview. For instance, in the case of a suspect, the police officer’s objective is trying to find the truth. For the case of a company, the management is interviewing candidates for the objective of appointing the best person suited for the job. The second step that is important in an interview is to outline the subject of the interview. The interviewer should be ready with the questions that he or she is going to use during the interview. Thirdly, observe the code of ethics during the interview (Bogner, Littig, & Menz, 2009). In this case, the interviewer should observe proper behavior in the performance of an interview.

However, there are certain steps or activities that should be avoided during the performance of an interview. The first step is improper behavior. In this case, the interviewer should not ask questions that are offending the person being interviewed. The dress code should be observed by both the interviewer and the interviewee. In such a situation, the dress code

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