Conflict management


Conflict management







Conflict management

Conflicts occur every day in all set up either in our life or in career. The most important thing is looking for ways to solve these conflicts. Discussed below are the different styles used in conflict resolution. The first technique is the competitive style that involves confrontation, aggression and the need to emerge the winner (Dow & Taylor, 2008). It is also referred called win-lose style. In this style, one party is determined to have their own way without any regards for the needs and goals of the other party. This style is most applicable in people who operate in positions of power. For example, a manager in a company can use this style to resolve a conflict that involves unpopular decision made by the company among the employee. It should help in convincing the employees that the unpopular decision is for their own benefit.

The second style is collaboration also known as the problem solving style of conflict resolution. In this style, consideration of each parties needs is given priority and respected. Aggression is used together with cooperation to achieve a solution that will serve the interest of both parties in conflict. In a management position, this style can be applied when brainstorming to come up with the best way to handle a client’s project. A manager can resolve an ongoing department conflict by ensuring the needs and goals of each employee in that department are considered in the final solution. For example, when a client brings a proposal to a company the manager has to gather the right team of employees to work on that project, devise ways to handle it and delegate duties to each team member considering their career goals.

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