Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas

Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas






Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas

Question 1

Congressman Session having been born on March 22, 1955, was brought up in Waco Texas. He attended the University of Southwestern where he graduated in 1978. Congressman Session managed to secure a job vacancy at the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company where he worked for about sixteen years. However, he later retired as a district manager from marketing in Dallas. Therefore, as a businessman, Congressman Pete Session acted as the chairman of the Northeast Dallas chamber of commerce. He clearly understands the desires to stop bureaucracy and to put the market into proper use to solve issues that are troublesome to the community and in the government efficiently. Congressman Pete Session was a father to a child who suffered from Down syndrome. He is known to be a very passionate advocate especially for people with disabilities. Congressman Pete Sessions was typical to other members of the house in that he was chosen by his community members because of his charming character. He is considered a conservative leader whose objective is to provide quality education to all Americans, reduce taxes, eliminate teen drug use and guarantee the retirement security of all generation of America. Thus, he began performing his duty of representing the 32nd congressional district in 2002.

Question 2

Congressman Pete Sessions began his political game in 1991 where he became third in a special election for the house of representative. However, he did not give up but rose up again in 1993 where he gave up his job to run for congress against the fifth district incumbent Democrat John Bryant. However, he did not make it again but he was made the vice president for public policy at the national center for policy analysis. According to the history, Congressman Sessions is considered a career politician because he joined politics because of the pay, which was high. He did not join politics because of great love or passion for it. Congressman Sessions saw politics as a way of masking more money. An example can be seen when people complained that he was elected as the most corrupt person.

Question 3

The district the Congressman represented was known as the 32nd congressional district, which is located in Texas. It was part of the Texas 32nd congressional district of the Unite States house of representative. It serves as a suburban area of northwestern Dallas, Texas. This district is experiencing employment issues where it is noted that most people are hunting for jobs and searching for an end to the economic troubles. This has therefore made the democrats to systematically force the agenda through the Congress because the issue is not only affecting the people, but hinders the recovery of the economy.

Question 4

Congressman Sessions is known to have served for over 10years on the powerful house rules committee. He was serving as a legislative gatekeeper where he assisted in the scheduling of legislation for floor consideration. Other responsibilities include oversight of the rules of the house, the congressional budget process, the ethics process and relations between congress and the executive and judicial branches. It is noted that the Congressman Sessions has been permitted to use his experience and personal values to affect every part of legislation before it can be used by the house floor in a responsible transformed manner.

Question 5 

The 2010-election cycle challenged the greatness of the campaign finance reformer movement that political money is in most cases the root of all evils during democratic politics. It is recognized that political money always tries to encourage the participation in the processes of democracy hence permitting the citizens to feel free in expressing their support and corporation in small amounts of money. The total amount of money raised during the 2010 election averaged to $352,482,193 millions. Some of the donors that contributed toward the representative’s election campaign include the senate, the president and the house at large.

Question 6

According to Johnson (2004), about 67% of the votes were received by the representative who is known as the Congressman Sessions during the election. This thus shows it may not be easy for the representative to be defeated when a re-election process is performed. This is because the data reveals the way people have already trusted their votes to the Congressman and they believe that he can make a good leader.

Question 7

The group selected involves the National Right to Life Committee under the leadership of Congressman Peter Sessions. The group is dealing with issues concerning abortion. The group noted that the government should eliminate all public funding for abortions and public funding of organizations that advocate or perform abortions. The group feels good with having Sessions as their elected Congressman. I expect the group to consider Sessions as an ally because they see him as a person who can help fight for them. Therefore, Congressman Sessions is a person loved by the group he leads thus he is considered an ally rather than an enemy of the people. This is because congressional representative Sessions aimed at advancing a pro-business agenda, ensure that there is quality education to all citizens of America, reduce taxes and eliminate the drug abuse problem among the youths. Therefore, these qualities make him to be seen as an ally rather than an enemy of the people.

Question 8

Currently, the congressional representative Sessions has taken the position of a District Manager for marketing where he has focused his attention on helping the people with various disabilities because this is the most important issue that many are finding hard to deal with. The representative will also try to maintain strong relationship with the banking community as well as his close participation in banking issues and reform. The member of congress belongs to the republican political party.

Question 9

Based on his voting record, interest group evaluations, fundraising sources, and issue positions, I can say that congressional representative Sessions is typical to some extent in that he was able to provide quality education to his people, helped in the reduction of taxes and fought for the rights of the people with disabilities. However, to a small extent, just like any one else, Pete Sessions had his weaknesses that made him not to achieve the goals fully, hence making him a typical kind of a person.

Question 10

I admire congressional representative Pete Sessions as the representative because of his characters, which include hard work, innovative thinking, and common sense principles that guide him through his duties as he represents the 32nd congressional district of Texas. Through his sick child who was suffering from the Down syndrome, he develops a passionate attitude towards all those individuals with various disabilities. He also believes that all taxpayers have the right to ask the government the results of their contributions through paying tax. Thus, he established a market based reforms that could assist the government in carrying out their operations effectively and efficiently.


Johnson, D. (2004). Congress online: bridging the gap between citizens and their representatives. New York, NY: Routledge.

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