1) Although objectives, functional tactics, and action items are included in many implementation plans, why do some organizations have a difficult time reflecting the plan they create?

Organizations may have a difficult time reflecting the implementation plan because it is not realistic. Some organizations may create an implementation plan because they figure that it is a necessary requirement. They may not have the required knowledge to do so. They will, therefore, have a hard time reflecting on the plan because they do not understand its importance. Organizations may have created a plan that is beyond their reach, meaning that they may not have the necessary resources to implement it. Organizations may have a hard time reflecting the plan they create because they do not know where they will get resources such as time, labor or money. The plan may look good on paper, but if the required resources are not available, it will be impossible for the organization to implement the plan. The plan may not be in line with the company’s general objectives or strategy. It may, therefore, be irrelevant and can therefore not be implemented. In addition, the people who are involved in implementing the plan may not support it, if they were not fully involved in its creation. The plan may not be flexible enough to deal with the external threats such as changes in the business environment.

2) What problems have you faced when creating your implementation plan?

The main problem has been deciding on the objectives, and communicating the objectives to all the people that will be involved in the execution of the plan. Some of the people do not understand the objectives, and this creates a problem in the course of implementation. Getting the right people to do the job is a significant problem. Sometimes experts are required to ensure that the implementation is a success. Using people without the right knowledge and expertise concerning a particular issue will be an expense for the business. Another problem has been the budget allocation. Sometimes it is difficult to get the necessary funding required to implement the plan fully. This has been a significant problem since it means that the plan will not be implemented, and all the previous work we had done will be in vain. Another problem I have faced when creating the implementation plan is delegating duties. Sometimes the team members are reluctant to take on a particular task, and this creates a problem. Some of the tasks are not done well since the people who are there may do the job reluctantly. In some cases, I may have passionate people who are willing to carry out a task, but they are not qualified, or they do not have the necessary experience for the job (IBIS, 2011).

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