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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking 

            Currently I am a student pursuing a business degree in college. I have the faith that the gifts and talents I posses can have a considerable impact on the world around me. This is because I am a motivated person and I believe in giving back to the society because the society has accorded me many benefits throughout my life.  I have acquired different accolades for my designing and cooking abilities and I believe they are the major gifts that I posses.  I have come to the realization that I am a good cook and designer not because I had to attend classes to learn the skills but because God provided me with cooking and designing as my best gifts. I am a pro-active and dynamic person who is willing to experiment with different aspects.

For this reason the most unique ability that I possess is the preparation of unique recipes for different types of cakes. I always create a different recipe for all the cakes I bake. Owing to the fact that I am a good cook and designer, I am mostly interested in starting my own designing and catering company, which will steer me to achieving my dream of opening the best designing and catering company in my part of the world. Travelling also interests me to a greater degree. This is because my husband and I served in the military for 26 years and during those years, we were engaged in a lot of travelling. Out of all the places that I have travelled to, my favorite place is Europe. This is because it is rich in different types of cuisine as well as different designs.

I have leant a lot about cooking and designing from Europe and I believe that when this is coupled with the business knowledge I will acquire from my business degree, I will have the required skills of starting and maintaining a thriving catering and designing company. This is a dream that I would like to share with my family and friends, because I am very passionate about them. As asserted earlier, I love cooking and designing, which are two aspects that the world needs. The recipes I make for my food and cakes have to incorporate health consciousness. This is because in America most people consume food that is unhealthy and this has led to a considerable increase in diseases and obesity. The world needs food that is healthy for a healthy living. I have managed to bring up my family in an appropriate manner by cooking healthy food for them.

This means that my love for cooking is needed in the world, as it is health conscious and will aid in changing the eating habits of different people in the world. The tastes of many people have changed with the onset of technology; an interest in design has increased. For this reason, my gift of designing can contribute largely to the changing needs of the world. I love designing so it will not be a bother to contribute to the needs of the world through increased concentration on designing. My love for cooking and designing fits with the degree that am pursuing. This is because from the degree, I will acquire the superior business skills required for starting and managing a good business. I plan to convert my love for cooking and designing into a thriving designing and catering company and I can only achieve this by acquiring the necessary business skills.

Initially, I had established a business on the same but it did not do well as I did not possess the required business skills. This is the main reason that encouraged me to enroll in a business degree even after serving in the military for 26 years. My family and friends always support me in all the endeavors that I take. They encouraged me to start the designing and catering company that I started and they were there to encourage me even when the business was not doing well. As per the advice of my friends who had thriving businesses, I researched on the colleges that offered business courses and I enrolled in the best with the aim of acquiring the best skills. I know that I will succeed in starting and maintaining a good business after finishing my degree course.

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