Desk Set

Desk Set

There have been many changes in science and technology. In the current world, people’s understanding of science is highly rated as compared to that, nine years ago. Governments currently sponsor activities that bring scientific knowledge to the public. Many scientists are being taught on how to improve their passage of scientific information to the public increasing their understanding. In addition, the public has gained knowledge on how to apply science in their daily lives due to the use of technology for simple tasks as washing clothes. Some perceptions are still the same for example; the people are still only interested with the part of science that will help to carry out their responsibility, which was also in existence nine years ago.

Due to her warmth, she uses her intelligence to enable her boyfriend to climb the corporate ladder, which adds to her star persona. Her intelligence helps to compete appropriately with the computer version of a woman who posses the same amount of intelligence as her. Being a warm woman enables her to leave her executive job to get married to Richard, a computer genius, and that is a change from her normal unlikable character. Due to her personality, she eventually leaves her flirtatious executive for a man who is warm and intelligent. This is unlike her because her character is always depicted as selfish.

Colatrella’s interpretation is true because in the movie, Bunny is used by her boyfriend to rise in the corporate world through the preparation of financial reports. If her work had been valued, she would have been the one climbing the corporate ladder. On the same point, she has to compete with the female version of the computer even for her husband’s affection who confesses that he will always love the computer more. She is only acknowledged when her intelligence surpasses the calculating methods of the computer. The interpretation is made difficult when the computer malfunctions because this negates the authenticity of the interpretation showing that our admiration of Bunny’s intelligence goes beyond the audience’s admiration of the computer abilities’. Bunny’s intelligence surpasses that of the computer.

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