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Digital Marketing & Advertising: Assignment 2 – Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing & Advertising: Assignment 2 – Digital Marketing Strategy

Online marketing, at one point, was an emerging and unique approach to marketing. It introduced a new method of media on which to sell goods and services. However, the value of digital marketing has transformed into something different within the past few years. It is now an integral aspect of a business to its consumers (Bala & Verma 2018). Modern business leaders and strategists know that it is no longer adequate only to run some unconvincing advertisements. Most of them invest in integrated digital marketing techniques because as the Internet becomes interconnected with everything a business does, the importance of embracing superior selling designs is evident (Bala & Verma 2018). The study describes how EcoFresh should improve its website’s quality to provide buyers with an opportunity to see and purchase products using the platform. Buyers should have a chance to use the website in a way that differs from other companies. The organization should increase how it markets using social media platforms that are now part and parcel of marketing practices. The group must have a calendar and budget and monitor a positive or negative trend.

Recommended Digital Strategy

EcoFresh will focus its digital marketing practices using its website and social media essential in reaching out to faraway buyers. Buyers will have the opportunity to select or search a product of their choice from the website and place an order. Buyers would have a chance to view other related products. The site would allow buyers to select and save the products they would want to consider later when they have much time. Each time customers access the website they will see some of the recent products and choose to switch across the various categories. Alternatively, customers would engage with the products through social media platforms, specifically YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They will have the freedom to like or comment on a product that attracts them. Using social media platforms to market goods will enhance brand recognition because people all over the world can access these same avenues (Tiago & Verissimo, 2013). The more customers generate a conversation around the company or product, the more the brand becomes familiar. EcoFresh will focus on these two digital marketing strategies because they make it possible to reach buyers who are in other countries. 

Campaign Message

The company wants to embrace a marketing approach that provides everyone with an avenue to view and purchase its products. The group seeks to solve the problem where some people would like to buy the products but lack an avenue to learn so much about them. EcoFresh wants to expose buyers to its products through avenues they can access without much challenge provided they have an Internet connection. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are widely used social media platforms, and choosing them means interacting with so many people worldwide (Curran, O’Hara & O’Brien 2011). Moreover, the company decides these platforms because they allow for interesting interactive methods that are highly likely to motivate users. The company seeks to illustrate how technology makes things easier for everyone and how embracing modern techniques make things easier. 

Editorial Calendar and Budget

Embracing practical marketing approaches that rely on digital avenues requires the implementers to have a timeline for accomplishing the task and a budget to know how much it needs to complete it. The executors should be keen during these two processes because any slight mistake could have adverse implications. Thus, the team members should ensure they plan well to avoid any blunders that could tamper with the desire and attempt to embrace better marketing techniques.


  • January 1st – Collection of the necessary information. 
  • 2nd – Consulting various parties about the project.
  • 3rd – Purchasing necessary materials, such as servers. 
  • 4th – Making all the necessary adjustments. 
  • 5th – Ensuring everything works well.
  • 6th – Verifying again that all systems work appropriately. 
  • 7th – Identifying any flaws. 
  • 8th – Rectifying possible mishaps.
  • 9th – Familiarizing workers with new changes. 
  • 10th – Acclimatizing buyers to the new approaches. 


  • Hiring specialists to transform and customize the website – $1500
  • Purchasing compatible server and hardware – $2000
  • Caution fee – $2500
  • Trial – $1000

Monitoring and Optimization

The firm will consider various factors to determine whether digital marketing approaches yield the desired outcomes. The marketing team will examine whether the organization makes more sales from the buyers it attracts via social media marketing and the website. It will regard the new marketing approaches as successful if the number of buyers who learn about their products through either of the avenues increases over a specific period. For example, the company would term the plan a success if more people like and give positive about a product it posts on Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, the group would regard the approaches as beneficial when more people call the company, saying they learned about an item from the website or social media account. On the contrary, the marketing team would view the marketing plan as a failure if the number of orders through the website and social media platforms remain stagnant. Besides, the new digital plan team will adopt an optimization framework to make continuous improvement. The handlers will acquire more information from various sources on improving digital marketing practice to optimize the process. They will empower workers to equip them with more skills to get the best out of the investment.  Monitoring and optimizing the new approaches are essential to get the best results.


EcoFresh stands a chance to improve its marketing experience by enhancing its website features and becoming increasingly active on social media avenues. The website will provide additional features that are not available in other companies, such as saving the products and examining them later. Buyers will have the chance to see and purchase products through social media sites that are increasingly becoming part of a marketing tool. The company wants to manifest how technology makes it possible to market far and wide without moving physically to different regions. The organization will term the new marketing plan as successful if it records more buyers who request products via the website or social media. If more people give positive feedback on the interactive avenues. However, the marketing team would classify the project as a failure if those who make requests through these platforms fail to record progressive growth. Besides, this plan’s handlers will enact practical monitoring approaches to ensure everything goes as per the guidelines. The company would succeed in its plan to use digital marketing if it creates a timeline for completing the task and draft the budget to know how much it would cost to handle the entire obligation. 


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