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Draft of HRM System/Practice

Draft of HRM System/Practice

Human resource management utilizes systems and organization practices to build up and retain the employees of an organization. Without an effective HR system, the organization will not be able to deal with the issues that affect the personnel. An effective system will benefit the organization and the employees.  The employees are more satisfied with their jobs because they feel more motivated. They have a better understanding of the company’s mission and the vision it holds and they are willing to work more so that they can fulfill that mission and ultimately realize the vision.

The human resource system recognizes the accomplishments of the employees, both individually and as teams. It therefore rewards them according to what they have managed to accomplish. With motivated and satisfied employees who guarantee high performance, the organization becomes more productive. There is less conflict at the work place because everybody is working towards a common objective. The organization therefore saves some of the expenditure that might be associated with this.

The key areas in any human resource department are as follows. Recruitment and training of employees, managing the performance and rewards of individual employees and groups, solving the issues that the employees are facing especially those that affect their work, ensuring that the organization’s personnel have an enabling environment to do their work, planning, supporting the employees, motivating them and developing them to achieve the goals and set objectives of the organization. When developing a HR system, it is important to develop a system that ensures employee performance. The system should know the qualities of strong performance and develop them (Management Science for health, 2001).

BHP Billiton is by all means a large firm. It is the largest miming company in the world. It has many employees each of whom is unique and has individual needs. It works with companies from different parts of the world such as Australia, Canada, South Africa and South America among other countries. There are many human resource practices that the company is engaged in. with over ninety thousand employees spread globally, the company has much to do. When considering employees, the company looks for people who are in line with their charter values.

The person should have integrity and respect for others, he or she should also be a high performer, have courage to lead himself and others to change and care for the environment. BHP Billiton has divided its products into aluminium, base metals, iron ore, diamond and specialty products, energy coal, petroleum, manganese, metallurgical coal and stainless steel materials among others (BHP Billiton, 2010). Being a very large company, BHP Billiton can develop an integrated system which can be divided into two major sections: those dealing with matters relating to the employees and those dealing with matters concerning organization

  • The employee welfare at the workplace section: this will be divided into
  • Employee performance section: one of the most important sections in the department. This section will be responsible for ensuring that the employees perform their jobs in the best possible way. It will be accountable for the employees’ performance and it will deal with all the obstacles that are limiting them to do well. it will also decide whether there is the need for teamwork or other similar activities. A person is promoted because of his or her job performance.
  • Payment and reward and bonus section: this section will make sure that all the employees are fairly compensated for their work. It will also deal with the employee reward and the bonuses that the company chooses to award the employees.
  • Training and development of the personnel: this section will be involved in recognizing the need for training, developing the employees during such training. Employees will be kept up to date with the latest technology in the market and this will give the company a competitive edge.
  • Employee career development: employees will be handed the duty of developing their careers. They can choose to do this either using the programs that the company offers during the training courses or they can do so on an individual basis outside the organization
  • Transfer of employees: this will include both the international and regions transfer: sometimes a need arises to post someone in a particular office which may be located in a different case. This section will be responsible for dealing with such tasks. It will also be the responsibility of this section to ensure that the employees who have moved from one country to the next fit in and are integrated in the system.
  • Setting the policies of the organization: this includes the rules and regulations that the organization follows
  • Creating a well defined mission and a clearly seen and achievable vision: the mission and vision should be communicated to the employees and ensure that everybody has understood what the organization wants to achieve
  • Ensuring the delivery of the company’s objectives; this goes together with the employees’ performance. If the employees perform their work in an exemplary way, then the company’s objectives will be achieved and realized quickly.
  • Recruitment and selection of potential employees: this section will be responsible for all job application correspondence. It will also handle the interviews and screening of the candidates. As a company, BHP Billion gives an opportunity to those who are not experienced in the field. They see the need for having fresh talents and they do not turn them down. They need training and much guidance if the company selects them. This department is responsible fro the successful training, orientation and job placement of the trainees and those seeking for attachments (Ulrich, 1997).
  • This section is usually one of the most important sections in the company. It is the voice of the company.
  • It will deal with the public media and other communication that the company may wish to communicate to the employee, the surrounding community or the public
  • It will handle corporate social responsibility and the community’s development. Being a mining company, the firm is not free of controversy. There have been cases of environmental degradation and pollution because of the mining activities carried out in different areas. This section is responsible for dealing with such cases as they occur. It should be more concerned at retaining the company’s image in a positive light.
  • Organization development system
  • Public relations section

Being an international organization, the firm should recognize the different cultures and work ethics in different countries. The organization principles should be such that it can be adopted and adapted by the other countries. It should therefore be flexible enough to allow room for such changes. It should also be flexible enough to allow for the necessary changes if what the employees are working for are not in line with the company’s objectives or if they do not work out. The company should aim at being excellent in executing its duties.



















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