Effect of Behavior on Marketing

Effect of Behavior on Marketing



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Effect of Behavior on Marketing

TO: Marketing Team

FROM: Samson Wallace, Marketing Officer Assistant

DATE: September 1, 2011

SUBJECT: Effect of Behavior on Marketing, Coca-Cola Open Happiness advertisement


Advertising plays a major role in the marketing of a product especially in the beverage industry as it creates awareness in people. This memo shows the significance of advertising by looking at some of the Coca-Cola Open Happiness campaign’s few details that could be of help to our company. The focus is on the advertisement video where an insects pulls out a plan detailing the stealing of a soda from a sleeping man. The objective of the advertisement is to reinforce Coca-Cola as a ‘happy friend’. The advertisement aims at promoting the sales of its product to consumers by alluding to Coca-Cola’s ability to bring happiness at a time when needed the most. The advertisement shows a Coca-Cola can connecting people to bring happiness. Its main objective is to inform people that simple happiness moments can be achieved with a Coca-Cola even when there are difficulties in making a positive relationship with people (designtaxi.com, 2009). To achieve this, Coca-Cola uses the slogan Open Happiness to appeal to people as a platform for its integrated marketing, where it comes up with several advertisements such as the one mentioned above to target all its consumers worldwide (designtaxi.com, 2009).

In the Open Happiness ad, the insects scheme to steal a Coca-Cola from a man sleeping in the park. The ad shows different insects coming together. This was meant to show how Coca-Cola could bring different people together and bring a moment of happiness to everyone, considering that there are many different species of insects in the advertisement. The advertisement is appealing and persuasive. However, it does not seem real seeing as insects can plan such a scheme to steal a Coca-Cola drink, with every insect having a particular role to play.

Because of this fantastic world, the advertisement can be concluded to target children as it uses insects in cartoon format. In addition, it can be said to target diversified people as it shows different insects coming together in the plot. The advertisement has targeted people of all classes, values and beliefs, considering there are different species of insects in the ad. However, as mentioned above, the advert intends to target the younger generation by the use animation, but does not consider lifestyle, class, culture and values. Indeed, it shows a person relaxing in the park, which is a public place meant for use be all people. The park is also strategic as this is where different people go to have ‘happy’ moments, hence heightening the theme of Open Happiness (great-ads.blogspot.com, 2009).

Using this ad, the advertisers are trying to fulfill customer needs such as happy moments, and refreshment. The advert shows insects celebrating a moment of happiness when they open the bottle. In order to target the consumer, the advertisement played on television channels, online channels, print and billboards where everybody could see it. This ensures that all targeted consumers are able to view the advertisement. In the print media, the ad is also effective in reaching out to consumers through billboards, magazines and newspapers. The effectiveness has been illustrated by the increase in the company’s revenue in 2009 where it was $668,734 Million, a 35% increase from the previous year (dandad.org, 2009).

The advertisement is quite persuasive especially in the reaction of the insects once they open the bottle. Some insects are shown saluting using the improvised glasses from the flower petals. It is also quite persuasive considering that several species of insects come together in a scheme to steal it, which is no ordinary thing. Using bees in the ad adds to the persuasion because they take nectar from flowers, but this time they are after the drink. Moreover, it shows how important the drink is in quenching thirst and in refreshment as the insects opt for the drink rather than water. The ad’s persuasive technique is fantasy, shown through the setting, the use of animation, and the unreality of the whole incidence (designtaxi.com, 2009).

Additionally, it uses humor to persuade consumers. As the ad starts, the ladybird stands on the bottle top and upon realizing that the man is asleep, initiates the others to come by to carry out their mission. The butterfly distracts the man to allow the bottle pass, as the other insects roll the drink by perching it on his nose. At the end, the butterflies form themselves into the shape of a bottle to confuse the man when he wakes up only, who only realizes later that his drink is not there (great-ads.blogspot.com, 2009).

I recommend this type of advertisement in our new product to persuade consumers to purchase it. The use of humor is quite persuasive considering that everybody wants to share in laughter, which brings happy moments just like in the ad. Such advertisement is quite effective in reaching out to consumers as it is unique, and consumers become more aware of the ad due to its uniqueness. When consumers view the advertisement, it is difficult for them to forget, as it is unique and appeals to people due to its use of animation, and scheming and stealing of the Coca-Cola from the man, which is rather humorous. This places the drink in the consumers mind hence persuading them to buy the product. Moreover, using of different media for advertising including the internet is quite effective in reaching to all the targeted consumers as in the case of Coca-Cola, where they use all forms of media, which has proved to be quite effective (designtaxi.com, 2009).



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