Employer and Employee Relationship





Employer and Employee Relationship

Relationship between an employer and employees is vital in any successful production. Staffs contentment impacts on the general production and it is a method of reducing turnover. To have a contented work milieu begins with an organization that is ready to consider workers’ opinions. As a result, it is upon the managers to evaluate their organization or companies and know what would keep the working crew happy. Qualcomm Inc. is one of the global organizations that have been tipped to have done exceptionally good in maintaining its employee’s happiness and good relationship between the bosses and staffs. This is a global telecommunication company based in San Diego that was established in the year 1985. As a company, it owes much of its current success to the good relationship between the employees and the leading team. In their website at career section, they have reinstated that their team must be ready and are always ready to nurture a setting where innovations thrive. They expect their employees to have knowledge in the electrical devices in order to motivate the next inventors generation. In addition, they assure to offer their employers with a chance to join technology creation and take part in reshaping the technology. Qualcomm has a creatively designed human resource policy that have helped in capturing of qualified and the most appropriate employees. Its policy requires any qualified candidate or personnel in that department must be able to meet responsibilities such as performance management, creative advices and maintaining employees’ relations. This agrees with the company strategy to lead in the race of taking technology to the next generation and to seek investors’value through reasonable and creative communication.



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