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Employment Law


Employment law/labor law is the set of laws and rules that control unions and associations and their relationship with the management. Examples of such laws include the national labor relations Act, inclusive of other state and local labor laws or ordinances. Through these laws and regulations, employees are given an opportunity to organize, choose representation and join the legally binding contracts with management (Duddington, 2007). In general, labor laws deal with the body that is concerned with laws and rules governing civil rights and non-union related conduct in an organization. Examples of civil rights involve an organization that is free from discrimination and harassment for people. They are not only employees who are protected by these laws. These laws aim at protecting people from racism, gender discrimination, disability pregnancy, and religion. On the other hand, human resource comprises of the workforce in a given organization or a company. Therefore, for the better performance and increased productivity of the organization, it is necessary that these laws and regulations be followed so that issues such as gender or racial discrimination are eliminated, since these are the major factors likely to cause chaos in the workplace.

A plan for the human resources department addressing recent employment law/labor law updates, changes, and trends that may influence organization across different locations

Currently, the organization is experiencing a number of changes that are occurring from the employment law that is governing us. It is unfortunate that these changes may have a serious effect on us and other areas of the organization. Therefore, it is important that we consider following the employment laws with its rules and regulations so that we may be able to combat the negative effects in a manner that is beneficial to everyone. According to the employment law, it is extremely important that both employers and employees build or create health plans for those individuals retiring and other rewarding programs for early retirement to enable the retirees enjoy the medicate benefits at the time when they still need it (Walsh, 2006). If this change is adapted and the trend followed throughout to even the coming years, then some of the negative impacts resulting from health issue would be reduced or eliminated from the organization. However, this change could only be achieved when the employers make an effort of giving benefits for retirees particularly on issues concerning health. A good number of organizations have chosen to follow this trend so that they could earn more profits. This is because currently the costs of health care services have gone high.

Recent changes to state laws and federal laws that might affect employees

Federal employment laws play the role of providing to both employees and employers better standards that they are supposed to abide by. In addition, it is common for federal laws to override both the state and local employment laws. Therefore, federal laws and state laws are known to apply to employees of the federal government. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily that federal laws apply to the state and local government employees. State laws mostly tend to expand upon federal laws and they mostly give more rights (McBride & Richey, 1916).

There have been changes to state laws and federal laws that might affect employees in Georgia and any other state with Bermuda inclusive. For instance, according to the new changes provided by these laws, any employee who uses identification that is not right to get her or himself employment in Georgia is likely to face a good number of years in jail and pay a lump some of money. Another state experiencing both the state and federal laws is Pennsylvania. Changes have been made here in order to redefine the outdated laws relating to employment. In the recent Pennsylvania, law and regulations demanding overtime payment is still in process and will be reinforced despite the changes to the federal rules. According to the changes, before any classification is applied to a position, the country needs to consider what is required at the state and federal levels. By adapting these changes from these countries, issues such as corruption and discrimination will be avoided because people will seek employment through the right and correct procedures as implied by the laws.

Recent major court case decisions and employment trends that might affect employees

Currently, the major employment case that has now attracted attention involves the significant employees doing against the organization they left. A vital verdict in this area involved in this case is aero fulfillment services, Inc, v, Tartar. This is a set for the rights as well as the limitations that the employers have when the main employees leave. There are however steps that this employers are supposed to follow due to the leaving of their employees. For instance, they are supposed to keep the company trade privacy, keep information confidential and customer retention (Central Statistical Office, & Office for National Statistics, 2000).

Another court case decision and employment trend that might affect employees involves employers and employees creating a healthy plan regarding the retiree and developing important rewarding programs for early retirement to enable the retirees to enjoy the health care services when they are still accepted. The main point here is that with time, employers and employees will be able to reduce these Medicare benefits without going against the federal age discrimination laws. These court cases demonstrated that it is good to value the health of the employees, the employers and the retirees as a way f motivating others to perform better.

The overlap/interrelationships of laws and policies as they might affect your company

All federal laws originate from the constitution therefore; the treaties and federal law are assumed to be of the same level. There are laws and policies governing foreign investors. There are circumstances when foreign investors seek to control the percentage of the company’s stock, however, they might not be able to elect the majority of the employees to the board meeting because they have no right to do that. From the interrelationships of laws and policies, we are informed that there is no way a foreign investor will take overall charge of the organization,  therefore, this gives opportunity to the local people to take full control of their organization without feeling discriminated.

Human resource management’s actions that is necessary because of the new regulations

It is necessary that human resource mangers have a copy of the written laws and regulations concerning the change procedures and policies in order to reduce or eliminate confusion and disruption. This is because the reaction of people to change is always different form one person to another. There are those individuals who will accept change as a challenge or as an opening to a better way to perform their duties whereas in others, change causes anxiety, insecurity and lack of pleasure. Therefore, as human resource managers, they should endeavor to communicate these new regulations early enough and provide adequate reasons for the change to the employees. It is always  necessary that managers develop a different kind of loyalty in the work forces through assisting individuals know that you are committed to help them grow and succeed in the future. The human resource managers should also ensure that its team of employees and employers is well trained on the line concerning the new rules and regulations proposed by the federal and state laws. Training can be inform of seminars workshops and ensure that the staff is kept up to date with the ever changing technological world. Therefore, permitting the staff to end classes in order for them to be at per with the rest of the world is very important and will enhance better performance and productivity at workplace.


General, labor laws is the body that is concerned with laws and rules governing the rights and non-union related conduct of people in an organization. Federal employment laws have the main function of offering both employees and employers better standards of living especially in the workplace. Furthermore, it is common for federal laws to be above both the state and local employment laws. These laws aim at providing enough protection to people from all sorts of discrimination such age and gender. Therefore, it is necessary for the employees and employers to ensure that each person is protected from all sorts of discrimination at workplace just as the laws and the regulations demand. Because by following this laws and regulations, the organization is likely to perform better since there will be total peace, harmony, love and unity among the staff members.












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