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Question 1

A multisided argument is an argument where statements are made based on people’s opinions rather than facts. This type is flexible in that it allows different points of view to either support or oppose the subject of discussion. A dialogic argument on the other hand is whereby a controversial subject is argued by several parties. It presents three sides of the argument, from which two go up against each other and the third one either presents a different side of the argument or opposes the two parties. It supports all sides of the story, even if the writer supports only one of them.

A dialogic argument is suitable for a resistant or opposing audience because it enables a free environment where people can oppose to a point and express their views. It also gives each person a chance to explain why a certain point is right or wrong and hence give a fair viewpoint to opposing sides.

Question 2

            The purpose of a dialogic argument is that of ensuring equality in an argument, where each side is completely represented before going to the next. It does this by allowing each party to express their own perspective fully without being interrupted by others.

Question 3

A delayed thesis argument is the type where an issue is addressed to people who are familiar with it but are still willing to oppose the viewpoint of writer. It is a good strategy to use on a resistant audience because once they understand and become familiar with the points the writer explained, there is a chance that they will consider to agree instead of oppose.


Question 4

A rogerian argument is a problem-solving method that aims to find a common basis of all sides of the argument in order to come up with a main agreement. This kind of argument has a special strength with a resistant audience, where it encourages fair communication between the speaker and audience. It serves the purpose of producing an outcome where both sides of the argument win, which is the argument’s biggest strength.

Question 5

            The initial move used in dialogic argument is known as the force appeal where one side of the argument decides to use threats as a strategy to put fear in the other party involved. Physical threats are not advised because the argument will turn out to be dishonest. Instead, if the threats are only expressed in words, an outcome of a genuine discussion will be produced. It changes the attitude of the opposing side because it convinces them that the arguer is serious and genuine about what he is saying.

The other move is known as the higher motion and instead of coming to a common agreement from both sides, a third option, which is better than the compromise but still agrees with some of the elements from both sides, is created. The motion is high because it has additional points to the agreement that was made from the debate, which makes it stand out as a better solution.

Question 6

The writer’s ethos is the amount of trust and genuineness that he considers to set up with his readers or audience. This is important to a resistant audience because they develop a better sense of trust and understanding in what the writer is communicating. If the author does not consider ethos seriously as he presents his arguments, the opposing members of the audience will not take him seriously and might end up losing interest in participating in the discussion.































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