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Essay on my Dream Commuity

Essay on my Dream Community


Most people have an idea of what they would call an ideal community. An ideal community differs from one person to another. Good roads, good schools and security are among what most people think best of an ideal society. If I were to close my eyes and think of an ideal community to live, a lot of things would come to mind. First, I would love to live in a very eco-friendly environment, a leafy suburb at the foot of a hill. Waking up to the freshness of the air and the sun’s rays penetrating through my window. Through my window, I would see mowed lawns, well-trimmed fences flowerbeds and highly maintained motor engines. In addition, I would have friendly neighbors who share important occasions like birthdays, weddings graduation parties and other events that involve the whole community.


The geography of the area should have lush green hills surrounded by snowcapped mountains and sparking blue waters. An emerald community, bisected by a lock and ship, rivers, lakes and streams. A community with a lot of sight places. Less than an hour drive will take you to whale watching, fishing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, skiing and rock climbing. Waterfront, attractions are bound to be with many shops and five star hotels, restaurants, sidewalks cafes, art galleries and antique shops (Taylor, 1981). The climate in the region should be ocean marine with humid temperature.

My dream community will be of different races, creeds and sexual preferences. A community that identifies with each other. I would not have a picture of a community with same sex relationships. Since the community will be next to a city, there will be easy accessibility of stores, schools, shopping malls, showrooms, boutiques, beauty parlors theatres and so much more. The housing should be of beautiful mortgages, well arranged and spacious. Animals will just be a good finish, the perfect community, house pets and zoos for the wild animals. A community with an animal orphanage so that it may take care of animals and prevent poachers from harming animals or a dying breed of wildlife. An urban feel of the busy city nearby where most of the folks work. The community will have diversity in terms of profession and business. Being a large community, business will prosper. Wealth is evenly distributed amongst the rich, and the poor will be outdated. A community with elites and a working population expanding the economy of the community.

This small community will be diverse in terms of age, school-going children, homemakers who watch babies, the middle aged trying their best to make a living, mixed ethnicities including Asians, Mexicans, African Americans and whites; all races happily living together (Taylor, 1981). A community that acknowledges the norms of the society and gender equity amongst them members of the community. Being a suburb, the social class in the community will be mostly of the rich but those that go out of their way to help the people who lack. A home for the aged and homeless will be an initiative by the members of the community to help the needy. A program that organizes an annual charity fundraising to improve the state of the home and for the people to interact with the home. On average, the population density should be at most two hundred and fifty families. Evenly distributed at the out skirts of the town

The community will have recreational facilities. A modified resort located in the midst of the forests at the hilltop overlooking the water at the other side of the hill. The dynamic young and growing community will have memories of this place. The recreational facilities in the community will meet the needs of all the residents since the greater part of the towns population will be between the ages of 23 and 48, most of whom have young families. The community should have an abundance of natural resources and attractions for leisure, recreational, cultural and business opportunities. During summertime, this place will bring out hikers, golfers and mountain bikers to enjoy the good times the facilities’ offers (Taylor, 1981).

My dream community will be a home to a diverse group of industries, forestry, oil and gas, and tourism playing key roles in developing the economy. A hospital with full medical services will not only offer employment opportunities but also give adequate services to the residents of the community. The community will have a good sense of hygiene and maintain high health standards. The community will be encouraged by the great success and immense popularity of our already established institutions and to enlarge the field of education. The community will have an educational complex to cater for the learning of all those in need of education compatible with teaching graduate and postgraduate levels. The government will enrich the educational field through construction of schools and employ highly qualified teachers. Established forces like the police, the CIA and the FBI will also play an important role in the community by maintaining law and order at all times. It will be the duty of the government to conduct daily garbage collections, cleanups within the community and maintain the public facilities like halls, parks and auditoriums. With the government’s initiative, a small fee will be charged when one wants to access the public utilities, for maintenance purposes.


The ecological footprint of the community is a determining factor to consider about providing steady requirements for life. Energy is needed for life, mobility, heat, wood for paper products. We need quality food and clean water for healthy living. A community with good living conditions and therefore residents ensure that nature’s productivity is not used more than it is renewed. My dream community should serve me in the best way possible making me enjoy life and the things it offers.



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