Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma





Ethical Dilemma

The main character, who intends to make a presentation, is prepared adequately with all the necessary equipment and details for the presentation including slides, specific recommendations. The audience is very excited and eager to listen to his presentation and he is excited as well to share his findings. However, the Vice President interrupts his preparations for the presentation ten minutes before the presentation and asks hi to proceed with her to her office where she shares her concerns with the outcomes of his insights. She is worried by the fact that the President is set to arrive during the presentation with a view of finding any negative information in the report so that he can find a basis of replacing her with one of his comrades (Zubizarreta, 2009).

The character has to find ways of delaying the report by various options presented to him .In the first option of the presentation as planned would prove to be devastating to the Vice President’s position. If such an option is implemented the president would find it very easy to find fault with the vice president’s leadership and would have his way and appoint one of his comrades which is his primary reason for attending the presentation. This option would leave the character in guilt because he was already informed of the consequences of such an option. However, it would be ethically right to give the true views as detailed in his presentation, which would have devastating consequences for the Vice President (Zubizarreta, 2009).

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