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Evaluation of the Advantages of the Apple iPhone

Evaluation of the Advantages of the Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone was first launched in 2007. Since then, the company has continued to develop features that are more advanced and the phone continues to improve on its quality. The Apple iPhone has a smart and sleek design. It is full of new remarkable, exciting and easy-to-use features and applications. It has a wide 3.5-inch screen display, with a high-resolution display that presents high-quality images making it more enjoyable for the user. The original iPhone had a 2.0 Megapixel digital camera and a large flash memory. The iPhone4 has a 5.0 megapixel camera making it the best in the market. It has a backside illuminator sensor that allows the user to use the camera when there is no light. It also has another camera at the front that enables the user to take VGA (video graphics array) photos (Chen, 2010). The Apple iPhone is user-friendly and a class above the rest due to its innovative features which are suitable for entertainment and business purposes.

The phone has an integrated iPod and has touch controls. One can enjoy listening to music, watching videos, movies and T.V. shows. For those who love reading, they can enjoy reading audiobooks via the phone. Reading is made easier since the text is very clear. This is possible because the phone has a high pixel density. It also has a wide variety of multimedia content. This includes music, streaming videos, YouTube, movies and podcasts and many more features. Those who love music will find the iPhone a must-have. This is because the device makes it easy and fast to find and download songs, it has a 24-hour music playback and an integrated music player. This is made possible by the iPhone’s drag-and drop-and touch (multi-touch) feature that enable the user to use fewer keystrokes (GSMArena, 2010).

The iPhone4 is an improvement of the original iPhone. The phone has a video calling feature, where callers can see each other as they communicate. It also has a retina display. The main advantage about this display is that it has the highest resolution in the phone industry. This has to be the best phone for those who love playing games. The phone also has multi-touch game-play options. The user is spoilt for choice since there are many games available. In addition, it has high-speed 3G and Wi-Fi options.

Most phones with browsers usually change the way that web pages appear. They only enable the user to view the mobile versions of the web pages. This is not the case with the Apple iPhone. The phone has an advanced Safari browser that presents the web pages as they are originally. One can also zoom in by touching the multi-touch display. It also has personal management applications such as calendars, notes, address book and others. The phone does not limit the number of contacts that a person can store. A person can store thousands of contacts and appointments.

In addition to this, one can also view his or her email and access them from many sources since it has a very rich HTML email and multiple email support. It also has real time synchronization and integration with Microsoft Exchange. Another added advantage is the on-screen keyboard which makes editing easier. It also has an auto spellchecker that helps in editing work. This feature makes the phone useful and convenient for those in business. The phone has GPS navigation with Google maps making it easier to locate specific locations. Other applications and features include the ability to multitask, hold audio and video conferences, follow stocks and listen to voice memos among other applications (Chen, 2010).

Despite all the phone’s advantages, it also has some drawbacks. For instance, it has no instant messaging. It has an internal battery that is not user replaceable. The phone does not have expanded storage but data is stored in an internal flash drive. The phone does not support Java. The worst drawback has to be that none of the iPhone’s models has FM radio or stereo speakers (GSMArena, 2010).


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