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I am Marc Antony, a vital supporter for Caesar’s rise to power and I would establish myself as one of the leading men of the later republic. I must say that I lacked enough resources as a politician to hold onto in my precarious position. I was born in Rome around 83BC and my family was prominent with some fame people for instance, my grandfather was a great supporter of Sulla and was executed by Marius before my birth. During my youth, I was known to maintain dubious company, participating in several affairs and overall scandalous behaviors. I was the greatest carouser and a gambler and people said that I was indebted to the sum of 250talents as I walked with my fiends likes of Publius Claudius Pulcher (Francis 67). My prospects were not that outstanding, but my life took a decided turn for the better when I left Rome to study rhetoric in Greece. Despite the fact that my political education or my abilities would never rival other great contemporaries’ like Caesar or Cicero. My efforts did not necessarily relax in political field; military ability would be my final claim to victory and fame.

I later managed to rise to power as a master of horse in command of Rome. However, my actions changed and the economic and social order within Rome began to crumble and turned to violence as a solution. Due to my actions, there was loss of people’s lives as I attempted to maintain peace and order although with much disapproval from Caesar. Caesar had his own complains saying that I had pleaded once against his interests. After Caesar was assassinated, I just realized that I was not one of the people target, however, many people spread rumors allover the country that I participated in planning of Caesar’s assassination. Nevertheless, am glad to say today that I was found innocent of the accusations made towards me. How could I have destroyed Caesar and yet he was a close friend to me. I was completely under his principles and all I could do was to offer my assistance to him at all times. Therefore, I apologize for the death of Caesar, and however for maintaining control in the country; there are some laws that I wish to put across that will help govern our nation. This is because I never stopped to be the adviser of peace and therefore, a few arrangements that would benefit people was well recognized.

However, I have to confess that my opponents and I attacked the heritage of my ancestors with a claim that they were moneychangers. I know such an action was unexpected to be done by a person of my status. I did this because I had a bad motive towards them, thus attacking them was the only way to achieve my goal.














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