Ferrofluid/Magnetic Liquid





Ferrofluid/Magnetic Liquid

I. Introduction

The main purpose of the research is to determine whether Ferrofluid can be used in the creation of art. This is to show the interrelationship between art and science. In this case, the use of ferrofluid is to create beautiful pictures to be used as a form of art. The main goal of the research is to establish whether the different shapes formed by ferrofluid when a magnetic field is introduced. This forms beautiful shapes that can make beautiful pictures be used in art. What has prompted this research is to understand science as a form of art and the beautiful shapes that are formed by the magnetic fluid. Henceforth, the research has achieved its purpose.

II. Materials and Methods

i) Materials

When making Ferrofluid three main materials are required for the experiment. The first material to be used is tiny pieces of iron (Chasteen, 2006). This is for the purposes of creating a magnetic field. However, there are other materials that can be used to create a magnetic field, but the aim of the research is to use something that can be used, at home to create this beautiful pictures. Additionally, iron is cheaper and it is readily available as compared to the other metals.

The second material is a surfactant. This is for keeping the iron particles from clumping (Chasteen, 2006). In nonprofessional’s term, the surfactant keeps the iron particles from sticking on to each other. This is because; if they stick, they will destroy the experiment. One of the best surfactant to use in this case is the oleic acid. This is because it is cheap and easy to find. It is worth noting that the surfactant must be soluble in the solvent. These two fluids must mix with each other. Acids and metals are known to react, therefore; the oleic acid has been used because it is not strong same as iron.

The third material is the carrier fluid. This is used to make the iron particles flow freely (Chasteen, 2006). There are several characteristics to note about the fluid so that it can be right. The first is that the liquid must be able to suspend the iron particles. In order to create magnificent pictures using the Ferrofluids, the iron particles must be suspended by the liquid. Water is not the best fluids because iron particles are likely to sink in the water. Henceforth, they will not make excellent pictures for art. In this case, the best fluid or carrier to use is kerosene. This is because it is readily available cheap and easy to handle.

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