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Film Review – Hype! (1996)   - Accurate Essays

Film Review – Hype! (1996)  

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Film Review – Hype! (1996)  

Summary of Content: The director of Hype! (1996) seeks to change the audience’s perception about certain types of music arguing that creating such stereotypes could deter people from getting valuable information about different subjects. Particularly, the documentary urges listeners to pay considerable attention to the grunge rock genre, which is a form of rock music that developed in the 1980s with a unique style. Nevertheless, with its unique style, the documentary reveals how artists in this area still manage to address a wide range of social problems that affect everyone, including the young and old.

Movie Review: Hype! (1996) is a perfect illustration of how documentaries, similar to music, plays fundamental functions in encouraging social change and advocating for end to unfair practices and relations. It shows the need to avoid actions that disregard certain productions because of one reason or the other arguing that this could deter the audience from receiving vital information about things that happen in the society. Consequently, the film urges its audience to first examine the content and nature of a song, film, or genre before castigating it and terming it as less appropriate. Consequently, taking time to listen or watch before making criticism or giving judgement is appropriate and helps to be aware about how media productions influence social change and remind people to take actions when they feel certain aspects are not working as expected. For example, paying attention to compositions or productions that others disregard may provide more insight into the issues people face when moving from one international border to the other, and may also give adequate awareness about the tribulations people encounter in other contexts. Nonetheless, continually disregarding certain productions may deny the audience valuable information.

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