Film & Theater Studies

Question One

At the time of Marilyn Monroe’s death, she did not receive much appreciation from women. She was deeply criticized and judged harshly for her failures and success as well. This could be because she was perceived as a character of sexuality. It could also be due to the difficulties she faced and the struggles to maintain her career. The perception changed after her death, as they were open to reviewing her work. It was a revelation as she had suffered the same issues that most of the women have gone through at some point in their lives. Clearly, she was not only an actress, but also represented the normal life of a woman.

Question Two

Marilyn in almost all her roles, catered to the fancies of the male characters. This was for fear that her significance in the plays would not be recognized if she did not. Even when she struggled with her addiction, she made a point of giving an outstanding performance. To some extent, this is similar to the female character in the Screwballs Comedy. She is depicted as a cause of keenness and one who renovates the male characters, especially the ones who are dull and lifeless. The female character was however viewed as the one with positive influence.

Question Three

The perception of Monroe changes with time regarding the different roles she has played. This is in both her fictional life, as an actress, and her personal real life. Currently, Marilyn Monroe is depicted as a famous actress of the mid 20th century who was greatly talented. She is also a symbol and significance of what many women go through. This is shown when she suffers in silence following the diverse from her husband. This leads to her depression and seeking solace from the use of drugs. She is remembered positively contrary to the harsh judgment she received when she was alive.

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