Globalization can be defined as a process integration and interaction among different people, organizations, companies and different governments. This process is motivated by the quest of inter trade across the continent and investment. Growth of information technology arena happens to be one of the factors that have contributed to growth and development of globalization (Steinberg, 2003). However, these changes are always bundled with negative and positive effects. Most notably globalization influences culture, political systems, environment and economic development. It is wrong to assume that globalization started with the start of the information technology era. People traded across great distance and even past continents even before the era of information technology. Information technology had only shaped and fastened the pace at which globalization is taking place. However, despite the steady development, the effects of globalization are highly felt across different cultures.

Ordinarily, human beings are known to resist changes. According to researches done in the past, a large group of people feels that their culture is very important and indeed no any price tag is worth it. Some people have failed to embrace globalization be it in their companies or organization due to the quest of preserving their cultures. Different people tend to hold and believe that what their culture embraces is always right. As a result, they fail to be flexible especially in business sector which is dominated by people with different believes and culture. Globalization is thought to bring back colonization and encourage westernization. For instance, a fashion design company will always encounter challenges to adopt different fashions due to cultural believes that are held by its workers. For instance, in a company that has only produced locally going global will call for adopting different fashions and styles. This can bring about a cultural conflict in such a company if the workers are not flexible enough to embrace the other people ways of doing things. For example, Nigeria is known to be one of few countries that have been able to uphold their culture especially on the dressing mode.  Despite the growth and development of the information technology era which has ensured that people can at ease embrace western ways of doing thing, Nigeria has so strived to uphold their culture. To support this, one does not need to visit the country but just taking a look on Bollywood produced movies will support the argument. In United States, suits are main official ware of men unlike in Nigeria where they ware gowns. The main reason of the Nigerians upholding their old dressing mode style can be attributed to inheritance and traditions. Due to the tribal setting of the people in the country, it is not simple to adopt new method. Moreover, attempt to preserve the religion can be termed as another contributing factor of cultural conflict in the country. Many perceive the western dressing ways as barbaric and violatethe teachings in the holy Qur’an or Bible. As a result the country has tried in a way to preserve their traditional dressing mode.

Global Managers

With the latest quest of organization to globalize, ensuring that a given company has a workforce that is internationally competent is of prerequisite importance. For a multinational company to enjoy continued success it cannot just rely on only the operations manager solely. Experts and personnel’s with multicultural experience are required in order for a certain organization to succeed in a certain country (Wu & Lee, 2007). This is caused by the fact that people in different regions have different cultural believes and behaviors. Therefore, apart from analysis the risk and researching on the best route to an organization to follow, in order to attain success globe manages also strive to solve conflict that rise due to culture indifferences and synergies. The first step for any global manager is to study the culture of a given society in a different country. After studying he or she should devise ways to make the people embrace his organization production without creating a conflict between their culture and the new products. Once the society embraces the idea, it would be simple to gradually alter their beliefs to suit a certain production. For instance, introduction of a new brand of alcohol to society that perceives alcohol taking as against their religious teaching will flop right from the start. Therefore, understanding how different people feel and attitude towards the product is worth. Selective methods should be used in order to precise know the region to exploit and that does not suit a certain production.Different methods can be used as a measure of culture. One of the technic that can be used collectivism and individualism method (Suutari, 2003). Individualism method support that different people hold personal believes and cultures which may not be associated to the society. On the other hand, collectivism takes care of believes that traces their roots in the society and happens to be a norm or a way of doing things. For instance, the United States culture can be termed as an individualist, where everyone enjoys personal heroism.

Business in Europe, America, Middle East Asia

Different people and societies have diverse beliefs. These beliefs tend to mold and regulate whatever happens in the given society. In America and Europe, everyone has total freedom to implement their beliefs as long as one does not affect the welfare of the other people. However, in Middle East and Asia, a region that is dominated by Arab and Muslims, everything is governed by the religious teachings (McSweeney, 2002). This religious beliefs are the major regulator of happens in this Arab societies. Some societies still hold some cultures that are not worth in the twentieth century. A culture that has not updated with time is more challenging than that that considers the aspect of time change. The other reason of having a stubborn culture is whenever it is based on religious beliefs. For instance, setting up a pork company in Muslim dominated region such as Asia may not do well. The company may be thriving in America or Europe but it will terribly fail in Middle East. Any culture that challenges or violates human rights should be subject to change under all cost. However, if the belief is rightful and have no effects, people should not be compelled to change. Trying to change people culture cannot be a good method of addressing culture issue. However, harmonizing different cultures can be a step that can help in solving social issues resulting to culture indifferences.  Studying various environmental related issues and gender variation can help to understand the social status of the target group or society.

















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